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can some one plz tell me i was on fentanyl for a month and have been off of it for 3 day and am still having bad legs and body hurt or maybe you would call it anxiety all over how long dose it last
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Sorry it took so long for me to answer you.
My husband is a truck driver & he's home, so I've been busy.
I was on the Fentanyl patch for 2 months.
25mcg & the 75 mcg.
I took off my patch for good on March 11th.
It was 2 weeks before i felt alive again.
I still have some syptoms, but RLS is gone, & my sleep is much improved.
The only thing that is left is the tiredness & lack of energy, but it's NOTHING like is was!
You can do this. Just know it might take a little while longer.
Fentanyl just about killed me & I was only on it 2 months.
I can promise you this: I might have to take something when I'm older for pain, but it won't be Fentanyl!
I've had 2 cervical surgeries & have a bad back.
So I know how you feel
Good luck & God Bless!
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thanks for the info. the dr i have been going to put me on Suboxone but i dont want to be on any thing but last night  was not only  hurting from w/d my neck was killing me so i took just a verry small part of the pill i have not even taken a hole pill of the sub in a weeks time they keep telling me that its easy to git off of it im hopeing that by taking the littel bit that i have im not just trading from one the other but i will never go back on the patch a dr that put me on the patch. gave me  a 3 month of patches from the 50s to 75s to 100s  from march 5 to march 23 and i didnt know what i was giting in to think for you info

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