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finally the long night is over. went for a walk. my back hurts
anyways thanq all of u who posting me at night that was really very helpful, reading all encouraging posts.
love always gunnu
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Youre gonna have a great day today!! :))
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Happy to hear youre out and about :-) hang in there!   S
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you are continuing to heal my friend. today is a new day.keep yourself busy. try to get some natural aids to help with sleep, valerian root,melatonin,.please stop with the benzos they arent helping you sleep anyway and could be adding to the way you are feeling.
that is great you went for a walk. try doing some stretching exercises for your back. and then take a hot bath or shower.
sleep is over rated anyway. lol. it will come. just rest in that fact.
you are doing great . :)
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You are going to get thru this gunn, you are strong.  The walks will do you good so keep on doing that.  Keep talking to us~~sara
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The best thing u can do for rest is exercise to get tired.Im sry you r struggling with that.U are n my prayers
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Hi gunn,

I am glad you got through the night and then went out for a walk. I recall reading that you moved from the city to the countryside. I'll bet it is pretty and relaxing there. A great place for you to be with your sweet family and heal. Do you live on a farm? I don't know about you, but I love animals and being around them soothes me. Maybe on your walks you could stop and pet some and get to know them. I don't know much about the countryside in India. What's it like? Lol, when I think of country I think of farms, dirt roads, fields, trees, ponds, but barns and animals. If you feel like talking about it, I think it would help you get your mind off of things by describing what your home is like. I enjoy hearing about faraway places and would someday like to travel. The furthest I have been away is from the US South to Arizona. The desert there is very different than what I expected and quite beautiful. I remember how excited I got when I saw my first sabarro (sp?) cactus, which are the ones that look like they have arms that you see in Westerns.

I hope I haven't bored you and do hope I distracted you a bit! I hope your day goes well!

Minn :)
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hi minn, i got a farm house and a couple of acres of land, and yes i love animals, got a horse and a dog. i m an animal lover.
and u can t bore me. infact none of u do........ reading all ur posts is so much fun and it keeps me strong with all the encouraging words u guys say. i wish some day i could meet all of u guys personally and thank u all for all the support u guys have provided me with.

Love u all
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gunn i agree on stopping the benzo's , if you are suffering from restless leg syndrome they willonly make it worse. restless lega are my ultimate enemy right now, as long as my legs are still i can sleep. i tried a drink a few nights back, thought it would help me sleep and it seemed the more tired the alcohole made me the worse my legs got. i tried a Xanax the monday night and once it kicked in, it was even worse than alcohol! not only were my legs jumping all over but, i was only able to sleep for an hour or 45mins at a time ,and each time i woke up it was more of a challenge to get back to sleep. ***** but it's better to ride this one out sober when restless legs have your panties in a bunch lol. as much as you prob don't want to ,walking around for a half hour 45 mins before bed helps. i know you said your back hurts, mine does to but walking helps with that as well. i don't feel like doing much of anything some days and those are the days i mostly sit in a chair all day in front of the t.v. or computer and those are the days my back hurts MOST.
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"You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end."

I found some relief in reading quotes, here is one of my favorites.

Take deep breaths, and keep us posted.
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