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first day

Hi Again,

Here is my second attempt at day #1. First one ended in a bit of a disaster, but I am back here ready to try again. I am somewhere around 22 hours clean from cocaine after using everyday for 4 or 5 years. Past few months I have been using about an eight ball a day and watching my life fall apart around me.  I am ready take my life back.  I found out just how hard this is going to be, and I know I am not going to do this on my own.
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well day one is a start and as you know this is a battle, but with help a battle that can be won. an 8-ball is a lot of coke and im glad you are now fighting for this. as you have told me about the problems you are having now, you know it's time to stop, this drug WILL kill you. you know how to get a hold of me anytime and before that craving becomes obsession, make that phone call before it's too late. you are the only one in control of that. i am proud of you and understand what this feels like, but life is waiting for you, choose it now my friend, you have much to look forward too
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No question, you'll have some miserable days kicking your habit. There is a drug call Trazadone that is use for cocaine detoxing. and is no  dangerous at all, in my experience, I was prescribed it as a sleep aid, but read all the literature on it. The only thing I can tell you, other than stay strong, and remember it gets better the longer you stay clean. Good luck, my friend.
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Im so glad you are here and want to do this. Yes it is hard but so so worth it and i promise that it will only take a few days before you realize how crappy it was making you feel and how much you were missing out on in your life being on that stuff. once you get those first few days behind you and realize how much better it is without it it will make you want it even more and it will give you more drive to keep going cause you will want to keep feeling better and keep doing and experiencing all that you were missing while on that evil white stuff. I promise only a few days and you will feel so much better. The cravings are the hardest part and thats where we all come in. lol. there is so much support here and all the caring and compassion helps so much. All you have to do is reach out to one of us and we will not let you cave. I know when i reached out there was no way these awesome people were going to let me fall. If i had not had them to turn to i would definetly have gone and got some and would probably still be using. So it is great that you are here. stay here and you will feel stronger and prouder everyday that you are clean.you can do it. I know you can. I am here for you if i can do anything at all for you  please let me know. I know how you feel..ive been there and i truly care and want to see you do this.....lots of luck and love..Lori
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I was prescribed Trazodone too, you can just take it as needed.
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The previous posts say it all.  You are NOT alone.  All of these wonderful people are here for you, any time of the day or night.

Please reach into your deepest soul and do this, fot YOU.  We cannot, sadly, only you can.  But we can hold your hand in case you stumble, so that you do not fall.  We can build you up, when you are feeling down.  We love you if you begin to doubt yourself.  We are here for you, praying for you, rooting for you.

You CAN do this.  Go for it with all you have, for YOU, and for that wonderful life that waits you.

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Hey congrats on the day 1.  Most of us have done day 1 more than once.
This is a great forum to get alot of support in the fight against addiction.
I was addicted to coke in 75-78. I quit that twice too. I remember feeling quite defeated at the end of my run. Thank God I didn't have a heart attack. I sure did enough.
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Good luck and want to offer you my support.....it is a mind game for the most part...beating this addiction thing...sneaky like flmagi said in another post...keep ur head on straight and stick to ur goal...hang in there
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there are people here that care, you need to toss that **** NOW, NOW, NOW.
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