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first n/a meeting

Today i went to my first n/a meeting i did not say much but give my name and told them i was a heroin addict,But no one judged me or looked upon me as a junkie.I will be going back next week as there was a whole range of people there one was a sucssessful buisness man i never expected that they also did not force me to talk only when i was ready Joe the guy who ran the meeting like me was an x heroin addict been clean for 11 years He new i was in early w/ds as he first showed me were the toilet was and gave me a bucket to be sick in. He also explained that c/t was the easy part staying off was more difficult as the good people at mh have also told me. After the meeting Joe asked if i could spare 10 minutes with him he new i was nervious but soon put me at ease he asked what else i was doing to stop killing myself. I told Joe about mh and was very interested i told him the support there was second to none.He also told me that i must want this real bad as he new i did or would not have been there in the state i was in. The only problem was that the meetings were once a week but did enjoy it as there were so many diffrent types of people there people who had good jobs people like me people from all walks of life so i was happy that i went and will be going back to tell my story only when im ready Joe said. So thank you all so much and a special thanks to Avis for finding me the n/a meeting 10 minutes from my house i now know that addiction is a life long battle so heres hoping iv got the right tools and places to go I will always be greatful to MH for your support .........James
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Happy to hear this,James.  I can tell you're really pushing...Hand squeeze across the Pond to you~~~~~~~~

Vicki   xo
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That is awesome James!! I think many are nervous about going to meetings being afraid that they will be judged. We have to remember that every one that is at a NA meeting is there for the same reasons. Addiction doesn't discriminate as you found out. People with addictions come from all walks of life. It can be a millionaire with a great family. It could be a homeless man with no family. It could be a NFL football player. It could be a 2nd grade teacher who is 60 years old. It could be a 15 year old high school kid. It could be anyone. So no matter how different each and every person seems to be. We all have some things in common. NA meetings is a place to where you help each other out even if you only have one thing in common. Let the program work and you will succeed. I am surprised they only have one a week. Right now it's probably okay since you are in the early stages of withdrawal. But once you start to feel better physically, I would try and hit a meeting at least 2 to 3 times a week. There are some people who go everyday. Not saying you need to but the more you go to, the better off you will be. Maybe look around and see if there are any other meetings in your area on different days of the week. If there are, I bet you will see some of the same folks you saw at your first meeting. What will work out good is after you go for awhile you will pick up a sponsor. That sponsor will be there for you day and night whenever you need anything. They are there to help and in turn it helps them by helping others. One day down the road you will be someone's sponsor to help them through. That will also help you by seeing people in early stages of addiction and by helping them to get clean and stay clean. It will be a very rewarding experience. Knowing that the person you helped get clean and knowing that you may have just saved their life. That will make you feel great!! So great job on going to the meeting James. I am so bloody proud of you my friend!!
Just keep moving forward James. Have you considered using any of the supplements from the amino acid protocol? They really do help get our mind and body back on track a bit faster. If you need some help with it just let me know. You are doing a great job fighting the beast. You will have him knocked down and out for the count before you know it. You said failure is not a option and you are doing everything you can to make sure that you won't fail. Like I said before James, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!
You will succeed this time James!! Your attitude seems so much stronger today than it did over the last two days. That is a great sign. Did you set up a appointment with your counselor? Have you thought about a addiction therapist? The more tools you utilize, the better of you will be.
I'm pulling for you buddy! Best of luck and remember that you will win!!! If you need anything, just let me know.

Your friend,
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James I am soooooo glad you went I am really proud of you now make sure you keep going ...If you ever need any other help looking up info dont afraid to ask ..I will help any way I can ..
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That's great James. I used to feel so safe at my NA meetings. I don't know how much they differ in Scotland than here but I was able to go to one everyday....and wanted to. Each group was once a week and they were nin different places each day. If you are having trouble getting to another one and want to go it won't be long until someone offers to take you. You will eventually want to talk. They don't force you. Here we just say I just want to listen if we don't want to talk. You will be very surprised to hear all of the stories and will soon find that they are really all the same. Addiction seems to effect everyone pretty much the same no matter what drug or alcohol or what your lifestyle or income level is. It's like we're all one big addict together lol. I'm so glad that you are doing this James. This will really help you:o))
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James, I'm very proud of you. Make sure you get some phone numbers and call people. It's one of the greatest resources you can get. Get a sponsor ASAP as well. Go to as many meetings as you can and use the people there. I was always so concerned I was bothering people. But, I've learned how much newcomers help us by calling. That's what keeps me clean. God bless James...
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Wow, I was so happy to read that you went to your first N/A meeting James.  You will find so much love and support there, I am really happy for you.  I bet there are more meetings around your area if you feel you need more (I personally go to a meeting every day cuz my thinking gets pretty squirrelly if I don't).

If there aren't daily NA meetings, then you could try AA  instead.  If an AA meeting is "open" then anyone can attend...no matter what there reason.  Most meetings are open around here, and lots of people just call themselves "addicts" in my AA meetings.  Anyway, I hope you can find all the support you need.  Remember, this is your life so go to any length!!    And Ga Guy is right, please find a sponsor right away.. its very important.  So glad you made that first step.  **hugs**.. Sharzi
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Good for you James.. although I said it in my pm I will say it here also.. I'm so Proud of You !!!!! look for a few more in your area like I said james so you can go to more then one a week.. This could be the beginning for you James of your dream of helping others.. getting in the right environment and the right people will make a big difference in your life and kims.. remember time moves slowly during the first few days but it does move and James you are doing wonderfully !! warm hugs letakos
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Thanks for that post James..  You have encouraged me .. I am headed into day 9 tomorrow and still have not gone to a meeting..  

The greatest fear I have is the lack of "anonymity" ..  I don't want to see anyone I know..
I am actually a businessman in a smaller town and have over 150 employees, none have any idea of my problems..

So going to an NA meeting scares the heck out of me ..

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That is so wonderful james!   off to work with a good feeling....u r really doing what u need to do!  u gotta plan and u will do this cos u want it so badly

wow...so cool!
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I'm sooooo darn proud of you James!!! You are a true fighter, you proved it more then once... Hang in there, you can and will do this!!!
With all my love. xoxoxo. sophie.
PS: Please send all my love to Kim too, I hope she's doing OK and thinking about her recovery too..... Big hugs to you both!!!
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NA saves my life daily. It takes REAL courage to walk through those doors the first time. I am so very proud of you. The people in those rooms have become my family~ my REAL family.
Call people, keep going, and keep us updated. YOU can't do this alone. WE can do this together. Promise, k?

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I would like to thank you all for your kind words of help and encouragement it means so much to me. To see how many people who realy do care. When i thought know one did and i say this from my heart and with tears in my eyes thank you all so much you are an amazing bunch of people with love in your hearts and you take the time to help me and others. All i can say is to thank each and everyone of you guys you are all AWESOME many thanks ,,,,,James
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james..we care because we love you like a member of our family.Stay with us and we will help you along with your healing.You mean a lot to all of us and we do not want to lose you.
Sending good cybervibes to you for the weekend.
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Well James..

Since I first responded to this thread, I decided to go to my first NA meeting tonight..
What the heck, I figure I wont speak, just watch..  

I am on day 9 today..  Interestingly, I was encouraged after day 4, because each day was getting allot better than the last, now, since yesterday, that isn't really the case anymore..  I feel like there isn't much too look forward to tomorrow..

So I gotta go tonight.. There is no meeting tomorrow..

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Good for you.If you are embarassed ...tell everyone you used to be an addict and are afraid of a relapse and that is why you are attending  the meeting.
It is the truth and may make you more comfortable.
Good luck at the meeting and let us know how it went.
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pharma your words make MH the place it is full of love,help and friends thank you pharma we all need this place and this family for i think that is what it is a family hugs James x
Trying hard well i think that is great bro did you just listen the best part for me was admitting i was an addict just like them. Im very proud of you trying hard you did good my man real good........James
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