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what did you mean about your wife being a normie and wasn't getting the phone book to call people and tell them how wonderfull they were..Just curious..Because if i was drinking or on pills i would do that , not with the phone book, but just freinds and went on and one about how awesome they were...Sounds nuts i know
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Just that I felt so good that I would say things I normally wouldn't and that earlier in the thread we were all talking about why some people don't get high on a particular drug and some do..... We talked about maybe normies, (people who are not addicts) are always at their highest level without drugs.... and that people who use drugs are just trying to get to that level.  It was kindofajoke in that my wife, in that postulate, doesn't do what I do when I'm trying to get to her "level.'  Am I making any sense??
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yes i got it...thanks a bunch..me on them i say things i would not normally say, just alot nicer and more social..so when i am not on anything i try to do the same so that people can't see the difference..BUT i am sure they do and they just don't say anything
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I did the same thing...soon as the euphoria set in, I'd be calling friends and fam to chit chat, telling them how awsome they were, etc ( it was all true, but exaggerated and never would normally do that now). My biggest thing was letting them know "how close I felt we were"...weird!
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We can still do that ,,,, from the heart and not the drug.
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