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husband just brought home krispy kream d-nuts.  YYYUUUMMMM.  Forgot how much I really liked to eat.  Anyone had anything good lately.  Need a new food - preferably something fattening.  IDEAS???   Can you tell Im bored.  He is playing xbox/Oblivion, I think (talk about an addiction).  Anyway, just wonderin.  

surely sleep will come soon.  NEED IT!!

Peace  !
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Look, I am a chef, graduate of culinary arts, Johnson and Wales, Hoapitalty degree from the best, But in the graphic design, advertising, printing Industry....Go figure, But i won over me wife w/ first date romantic homemade dinner. Love to cook Gourmet Chit, Its sometimes a release stress, havent cooked in a while....wonder why...Humm, I cook 4 u , wine chit chat, I love it


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sounds perfect, hubby.  It figures that was your way.  I knew I liked you for a reason.  My hub used to cook for me all the time.  He would research books, Food tv network, and the internet just trying to impress me.  I think I will go and ***** at him now.  Thanks for the reminder.  He can thank you later.

much luv, choo.  You sound much better.  sure it was my dancing comment.  hehehe
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Yes Mam

Thanks Thanks Thanks, Thanks, Thanks....U` Deserve more


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I have already bought WalMart out of hollow chocolate Easter bunny's. It can't be solid chocolate..has to be hollow. Everyone in my family depends on me making enchiladas and such.....no..no! I want chocolate. Now that we're talking about chocolate (thanks guys. lol) I want chocolate ice cream with fudge frosting on top. I have used frosting for a topping for years. OK....this is serious. There is NO chocolate in this house!! I'm slipping because that doesn't happen very often. Now I'm thinking about going out and getting my soc (sweet of choice). gotta hurry.bbl.....LS
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Good to hear ya, LS.  Hope your having a better day today.  U deserve that chocolate, but now im craving mexican.  ok, what do I do now.  I guess sleep and dream of my quesidila (I know there r more letters in that word, but it's late and I'm tired.)

Good night
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Dove ice cream bars......yum and really fattening :0) I can eat a whole box (4) in one day. They taste so great!!!
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