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from Subutex to the Transtec patch

so i just switched from sub to transtec patch, not for pain but for WD. I went into full WD the second day and had to pop a few oxys. the Dr here (in Colombia) told me to go get some codeine pills and take as needed. Any ideas here on what i should do? I've had to take about 5 30mg codeine tabs a day along with the 30mg 52.5mcg/hr patch but was only on 8mgs of Subs. Also if the patch is for 4 days, releasing 52.5 micro grams per hour, how in the hell does that come out to 30mgs? All the math i've done says its only 5.04mg total (.0525x96hr=5.04mgs)
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Hi, I recall your other posts. This is a substance abuse community that helps people trying to get off drugs. That's what we're for.
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