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from slinger man 10 day in and sitt sneezeing

i cant help  but wonder why the he; i sneeze 10 time a dy  iam 10 days in  frakes me ot i never sneeze than you Dominic
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i sneeze 3 times every am.  just weird.  my som does 10 every am.  today i am clean i think 10 days mhy tracker is messed up /  have a great day

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i am sneezing too i go see my doctor today at 10:15 i will ask and come back and tell
you more hang in there.
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Sneezing is VERY common when coming off of opiates. There is an old post about it I will search for it and bump it up for you guys to read....it explains it better.

Give me a few minutes to find it!
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Ok there it is...titled Sneezing by Dominosarah!
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hey thats me!!!!  I sneezed all the time.  Very normal.
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very normal...do bump up your vitamin C tho as our immune system can get really weak during detox and people seem to get sick alot after quitting for a month or so..i caught 3 different bugs right after quitting and it almost did me in...be safe and hang in there
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When w/ding off of meds, sneezing is a part of it.  I'm 35 days off of morphine and the sneezing is getting better.  I heard there mini seizers. I sneezed 30 times a day, but it does get better.
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Mini seizers? wow, i always wondered why.....I sneezed sooo much during the first couple weeks...I use to think it was my brain and relexs just waking up, and they had been sleeping so long.....
Some symtoms are so weird...I would go from yawning to sneezing within minutes of each other.....
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worried is so right. Bump up the immune system and take vitamins 2x/day, supps too
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LOL, I would even sneeze if I wouldn't take pills within an hour or two of waking up in the morning. I think I've stopped the detox sneezing now, haven't sneezed today much on day 6 :) the yawning was/IS still a big problem for me.
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