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gabapentin / neurontin? Plus's? Minus's anybody?

My surgeon wants me to start taking the above in an attempt to check post-op sciatic nerve pain..Really started acting up abnormally last week and is getting progressively worse by the day...I mean painful,painful...Headed for another MRI as well to do a look/see of the area operated on.

Surgery (2-1/2 weeks ago) was a success in my mind to a certain degree, but it appears that there must be something additional going on affecting the nerve..Its actually getting far worse all the way down the leg than what I was dealing with prior to surgery...Not too good..I really was hoping and praying that getting the rupture in L-4 off the nerve was going to straighten things out. And it did from the standpoint that I can bend over, put socks on , do light duty hoe work in the garden, etc with no discomfort at all..Those things don't affect the nerve one way or the other at all since the procedure was done.. They did bother things bigtime prior to surgery though.

Looks like I'm back to square one on the nerve in the leg though.Especially the lower calf muscle.Geez! Can't win for losing :(
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Wow - so sorry to hear this. I have developed RSD since my surgery. My Surgeon suggested these same meds but I dont know what they are so I said know.  Will watch your post ands learn with you as you receive responses. Good luck my friend.
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I just started taking gabapentin six weeks ago for worsening pain after a triple bilateral lumbar fusion.  So far I'm not having much luck with the medication.  I'm having trouble titrating up to the required dose because it makes me feel drunk (not in a good way lol) all the time.  Also, no real pain relief to date.  Some swear by this medication and I sure hope it works for you.  Good luck . . .Deb
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What dose did your doctor say for you if you don't mind me asking Deb? He prescribed a 300mg pill twice daily for me...In regard to the med Cantdoit,,I found this older post about it..Its like some of the posts you see about suboxone. It either did wonders or caused problems....

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What is RSD?
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Dave~  The med is worth a try. It will either work well or not at all.  It can make you drowsy,especially if taking other cns depressants.  Usually they titrate it up to 1800mg
for nerve pain.

In the meantime,don't cross your legs when sitting.  :)

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Is this a med that takes a few days to get going or starts working after the first few doses? I looked around for that as somebody mentioned they thought it took awhile to have any appreciable effect..
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