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getting confused:who's on 1st, what's on 2nd

There's so many going thru withdrawls right now or hitting their 2nd, 3rd or 4th week etc, I'm getting confused.
How about eveyone telling a quick what day their at. As of today, Wed. Nov.14

Magi, 4 weeks
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David, 10 days
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3 weeks 6 days. lol
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I dont know, lol. Im one of the few who didnt count days. THey all blurred together for me anyhow for awhile. Im probably 3 or 4 weeks into this now? Id have to look back in the old posts to find out exactly when I stopped taking. I have such a poor concept of time, lol.
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COLD TURKEY DAY 1.........UGH.....had one lorcet yesterday morning @ 7:15... C/T since.... last night was a *****.... DID NOT SLEEP... chills, sweats, body aches.... TUB TUB TUB!!!!!!
Today ( Still at work- 3:39pm).... Advil throughout the day... back aches.....leg bouncing all over the place... Belly ROLLING !!!!! knees hurt......High Spirits!!!!!  but dread what awaits me tonight..... !!! Will keep you posted.... I am new here... First day to post.... have commented on a couple today....best wishes to all.... May God Bless us all.... AMEN
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Hey good for you ! You are in for a few bad days but it is so worth it. Keep us posted.
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Still thinking about thinking about what day to quit!  lol  Going to NA tonight though!
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It is best to have a plan and at least you are thinking about it. Going to N/A it is all a sign that you are ready to do this. Good Luck   Mary
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Thanks.... Keeping a journal as well..... emailing to my husband everytime I write.... that way he can tell what kind of day I have had, what I am going thru at what moment... etc... b/c he has really NO clue... the man will not even take a Tylenol when his head hurts... not my first time to try and quit... but the first time I have been serious about quitting!... GO ME !.. anyway... I am sure that I will write at all times of the day... ha ha... trying to keep my mind off of things....Good for you guys.... 10 days... 3 weeks and 6 days....3/4 weeks... and even thinking about it is a big big step...!!!! gah.. Smile...... just think.. in about 6 hours from now... I will be no longer full of ****!!!!!  sorry... I tend to try and make light of my situation.. it helps me to deal....
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That's great! You have to keep your sence of humor.  Go Go Go !
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love the sense of humor!!!  congrats to everyone..I am a little over 60 days...It was tough , but so happy to be where i am now. and to have this forum.
i have been here since march, and it took me this long to have 60 days..lol
But had some medical issues to get out of the way also..

I do aftercare, i see a counsouler she is great and also an addict in recovery..
god bless all of you, no matter if you are still trying, tapering , are clean.
and to those strugglings keep fighting
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23 months 14 days.........

I still have dope dreams.......
I run into triggers which bring on cravings..........

I still think about using.........

I think of how much easier it would be to work and go to school if I used.......
I think how stronger I would be if I used.........
I think how much easier it would be to talk to women if I used...........
I think how much easier it would be for me to get along with my boss at work if I used.......
I think how much fun I had using...........

Thanks to N/A I now know and have a better understanding how to deal with these feelings,  and thoughts...........

I'm still struggling but I feel very good.............
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wow beach, I didnt know you still had that many cravings and dope dreams etc. I have you built up in my mind as a dope super hero or something, lol.    Just goes to show that even with that much clean time under your belt, it is an ongoing batttle for the rest of our lives, I guess.
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The only thing I can't relate to is the fun.  I stopped having fun, stopped laughing and even stopped socializing. These were some of the main reasons I wanted to quit.  I am having alot of cravings with Thanksgiving coming up and not having the energy to get everything done ( will be having tons of people over).  I keep thinking just a few pills to get everything done.  Then I say tuff if dinner sucks it's about family & friends.  Oh I am worried about next week.    Mary

Oh ! 23 months and 14 days !  That is so great !  Do you have fun now ?
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120 days.  And it is withdrawals...
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I am on day 49 today from ct oxycontin addiction for 4 years.  I am just so happy to be off them and feel a wonderful accomplishment.  wishing everyone going through wd now all the best and keep strong.  It can be done...
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I will have 5 months clean tomorrow...or actually in 7 minutes..
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I'm on day 24, stopped cold turkey, and I'm doing well.

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Iam only 18 Days, due to Suboxone....... Im getting my life back and I couldnt feel any betta, well I  probably could if i had some pills!    
But thats  not a route I may take..... My next step is to see a counselor
and go to NA meetings...Im frightened to go to NA
because I dont like speaking in front of people...
I have to do this because i dont want to relapse...
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