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going MIA when feeling good

hey guys it seems as tho the posts get less frequent as i feel better.....today is day 19 woohooooo but i have also been busy with work etc....there were many people who had given me hope and support on this site and i wish to do the same.....i have had no cravings...o yea if u didnt know 19 days of suboxone...i am really getting my energy back like really.....taking my vitamins eating healthy and i have off next two days so def gonna work out....the only thing i just cant seem to shake yet is the occassional sweats but other than that doing A ok......i just know that if you want it you can get it. so many think they want it and im sure they believe it but if you want it you can do it....wat really seemed to help me was work after most of the phys wds were over i started new job on like day 10....and you have to keep in mind too when you are exhausted or maybe feeling down that, that is normal......people who dont take pills and have wonderful lives get down too.....praying really helped me.....so dont be so hard on yourself and just remember....fight fight fight and when you think you cant fight anymore fight some more....love you all blessings...
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Happy to hear you are do'n good, I hit 1 month today got called back to work this week 1 of 5 called back out of 50, so im do'n good and feeling good, keep it up your do,n wonderful!!
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Its good to hear your positive attitude towards your recovery, it really goes a long way in helping with the mental aspects of it all. Congrats on almost 20days, I can tell you that your going to feel better and better everyday, I really had a great boost around the 30day mark. Try to come back and offer your support and experience to others, it not only helps others, but it helps remind us of where we were and how far we've come. So stay busy, try to excercise whenever possible and keep up that fight,fight,fight. Again congratulations, you should be very proud. So good luck with your continued success, take care.
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1 day turns into 1 week and the 1 month turns into 1 year :-)...keep going, take care of yourself and be everything you want to be...

You're young and have your whole life ahead of you.

Take Care

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