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guess who's back? lol

hey guys it's me.....for those of you who remember me thanks for all the emails....i just had to take a little break from here and alot of other things lol....i am still on suboxone doing great......just wanted you guys to know i'm back and will be checking in and catching up...lotta new peeps here i c and to those of u i say hi and welcoe to the forum....great place to b and i am very happy to be back...missed u all.....love ya and god bless u all
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hey are you just teasing me again? lol. so happy to see you back here and doing good. i have missed my buddy. hope to see more of you on here again and glad the suboxone is helping. we will have to catch up:)
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Welcome back oxygirl, I guess I am a new one to you, but I have been here since May and it has helped me survive.  Glad to have you back and nice to meet you.
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hey girlie,
how are you doing? Gald to see you again......
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welcome back!!!!   sara
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omg,  there you are.  you have been on m y mind so much lately.  we have lots of catchin up to dp.  i am so glad to see you.  love and i missed you.
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