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guilty and suicidal help

almost finished day 2 of no percs.  i'm going crazy.  Cant look at my wife, the guilt is killing me.  I cant believe i did this to my children. i just need to cry.  someone pls give me some encouragement.
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You are having a very rough time ,it does get better , there is nothing out there worth taking your life over .You have a family Kids that love you . They need you and you need them . Does your wife know ? You can pull threw this. Lots of us have been right where you are and are here to talk if you need to !!!!!!!!

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Let stry to keep all post on one thread .I posted on the other post lets keep the rest there
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Hi Honey......

It is ok to cry. Let it out. but, don't think for one minute that suicide is the answer. It is NOT.

This is so normal to feel like this and it will pass. You need to give yourself a break and forgive yourself. You did not purposely set out to hurt anyone, and more than likely, the one you hurt the most was yourself.

Please, calm down and talk......we are here.........
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there is nothing in this world that is worth you taking your life for... NOTHING!  remember your kids need you...  screw everything else... do it for the kids..  you can beat this...  dont give up, dont quit...  keep fighting, no matter how bad it hurts....  stay strong tim
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This will get better,your emotions will be different every hour thiss will pass.You should be very proud of  doing this for yourself and family it is a wonderful thing the biggest gift you can give.When your mind plays tricks please keep reading and talking thru the posts.I am on day 17 and feel so much better and so will you.WE ARE HERE FOR YOU
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