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hair loss and opiates

Hi there was a very old post here a few days back which caught my attention , it was someone asking if people lost their hair while on opiates. I certainly have lost a LOT of hair during my time of taking methadone. I was wondering how many of you have lost hair or have thining hair while on opiates , and for those of you that did and are now off the opiates, is it growing back.? This has been very upsetting for me losing so much hair , but I was told that hair loss is a side effect of methadone, not sure about other opiates. I am weaning off my methadone, down to 22mgs and I notice  my hair is just starting to come back in. Has this happened to any of  you?
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ive never drank or taken hard drugs but was on so much pain releif for fibromyalgia & neuraliga in my face, it was getting out of hand, ive lost most of the top of my hair & i decided enough!!! so i got intouch with my gp & agreed to go into detox.......whaaat a shock  i lasted 8 days & would never ever do it again,, so im sat here reading stories that have horrified me & my heart goes out to all that with that they had never taken tablets from their gp......i feel so ill & as i was supposed to do a 28 day stay in hospital ...ive still a way to go,, but i will never ever take anything that is addictive ever again.....as for my hair .....will it grow back or is it too late ?? as a 56yr old woman im devistated......can anyone help with a little advice.....ive formaly made a complaint to P A L S....& i wont let it drop
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As a matter of fact, my 11 yr old daughter pointed out that my receding hair line is growin back in. I am 76 days off methadone and 49 days off subutex. I hadn't really noticed, but it is growing back in. I always had very thick hair, but always wear a hat and never paid attention. I just figured that at 41 it should be starting to thin, but it doesn't run in my family. I know active addicts that comb hand fulls of hair out. It comes out in chunks. I think your hair will grow back if you replace opiates with vitamins and minerals.
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