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I have been abusing opiates (heroin,) for years.  When I am clean I seem to be down; when will my body learn how to produce endorphins and natural energy again?
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When I stopped heroin it took about 3 months for me to start feeling really good.What helped me was being outside because I would get really bad anxiety attacks.Just taking little walks and breathing in real air.It was really hard but I felt so good when it finally happend.It doesn't take everyone that long.My friend scott felt good in a couple weeks after he stopped.Don't give up,It really is worth it in the end.xx
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I agree with the above.. getting out and exercising goes a long way in getting those feel good endorphins to start doing their job.. Congratulations on giving up the H although wd ***** major.. staying clean is difficult.. You may want to check out a couple of meeting in your area like AA or NA They give you a lot of support.. I wish you well.. lesa
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work therapy was the only thing i could do and i did it until i came back into myself. i know you feel like **** but it is time for spring cleaning. you probably want to slap me for that one. lucky for me this time it's pills and not as far gone as when i was doing heroin. i wish you power and peace. keep posting.   sway
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