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has anyone gone from mthadone to suboxone to clean

I am wondering if anyone has tapered down on methadone to take suboxone and then tapered off please tell me how you did it also any other success with getting off methadone.thanks
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Hello. I successfully transferred from methadone to suboxone and then quickly tapered off the suboxone over 3 and a half years ago. I did a methadone taper at home over the course of 6-7 months(?), reducing  5 mgs every week. Once I had lowered my methadone dose below 30mgs I checked into a residential medical detox facility.

I was required to go 48 hours without methadone before I was allowed my initial dose of suboxone which was titrated every 4 hours untill I felt no discomfort. I think I stopped asking for more at 12mgs.Having settled at 12 mgs for a further day, I then began tapering off of the suboxone. All up, I was off the suboxone within 2 weeks but remained in the detox unit for an extra week receiving symptomatic treatment for niggling withdrawals.

I found the whole process completely bearable and thought it was far easier than I had ever imagined. It wasn't without discomfort but I had prepared myself mentally for the ensuing ordeal.  I have nothing but praise and respect for the medical professionals who oversaw the entire process and encouraged me all along.

All the best. Jeremy (ex addict)  3 years 6 months drug and alcohol free.
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I been taking vicodins and I tryed to use suboxin to get off the vic's but the withdraw from the suboxin was worse then trying to stop the vic's. Do you think you can help me out somehow? I'm glad your clean, u must fell great, I can't wait to fell that way.
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