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has this happened to anyone else

hey all ive been 5 days clean and have felt great all in all then all of a sudden this afternoon bam feel like crap horendous pain like never before what the h-ll is going on om at a loss i cant believe it im ready to make the call to get some relieve thats how bad the pain is please help me i dont want to go back to day 1 ever again help please Free...
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You wrote this yesterday and it was quite powerful:

"hey everybody i just wanted to get this post out for those fighting the firght ans those that are terrified to quit and go through wds all i can say is if you have any faith in God at all pray to him and put all your problems at his feet .  If you do this he will carry you through the darkest times of your wds and keep you strong so that you can make it to the other side .  I personally have tried to quit 5 previous times and failed everytime because my faith in God was not a true faith this time however I have a true and loving friend that has prayed with me everyday for strenght and guidance and this time I have made it to the other side with virtually no painful side affects that we all fear from withdrawing .   I feel that I owe this totally to my true faith in God that he gotten me through this .  I just wanted to testify that the power of God is such a great power because without his guidance I surely would have died from this addiction .  For all of you believers pray because it really does work for those of you that don't give it a try open your heart up to him he will help you in your darkest hours "

So, have you prayed today? It seems, for you, to be your saving grace.

I have had it happen to me (one step forward, four back) and it does pass. The first week is the hardest and there are ups and downs. the second week can be much the same but it does start to get better. You have to remember that you abused your mind and body for so long--it will take time for it to heal. Please stick around and hang on. If you go back now---well, you know the drill.
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uhhh damn drugs, I hate em. Wish u the best of luck I unfortunately relapse alot. It's hard. I think the lifestyles almost as addictive as the drugs..
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Hey, I felt like that around day 7 too.  It gets easier, as long as you stick with it!  I believe in you!  This is probably what gnarly calls the mind screw (or something like that)... I hope you feel better!
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