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I was hoping to start a suboxone taper soon but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how soon after I stop taking this med will the withdrawals start???  Any info would greatly be appreciated.
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hello and welcome. redirecting to substance abuse forum.
how much and how long have you been on suboxone?
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"how soon after I stop taking this med will the withdrawals start?"

You're have to stay on something for a period of time before you become addicted to it and you have to be addicted before you're going to go through withdrawals.

I see you're on 100mcg Fentanyl patches. If you were to taper yourself down from Fentanyl from the dose you're on now, then only use Suboxone for a very brief period to get past what would be the worst of WD symptoms from the patches, you could possibly do it without being on it long enough to become addicted.

That's not to say you won't feel like crap for a few days after you come off Sub from the residual effects of Fentanyl withdrawals and from just having been on Sub, you're liable to feel the effects from being on any drug for any length of time as it leaves your system, but it would be a lot less than if you just went CT or if you stayed on Sub long term.

What are you going to do for pain after you come off the patches? Whatever you decide, good luck.
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I used sub short term, as hangetsu mentioned. I used sub for a total of 16 days. I felt sick when I dropped to .5 mg for two days and jumped off. I felt sick for 2 more days and have been functional since. I still have PAWS from my methadone addiction, but it is doable. Today is 7 days no sub and 34 days no methadone. NA has helped a lot with improving my mental state and have had no anxiety or depression. Good luck.
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