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help! I have no more pills and then Dr. wont give me any for awhile.

I need help. like I said before I want to get off the pills Lortabs5/500 10/500, oxycodone 7.5/500. I take anywhere between 8to9pills per day if not more. I have no more and dont think the Doctor will give me any. Its for my lower back pain. Tomorrow will be the first time without any pills. I do have my 2 daughters that I dont want to have to see me go through this.I have Severe Depression also which is what scares me. I need Help. I do still have back pain but am willling to try anything whar I dont have to use narco meds. I am also dependent on Ambien and Lorazepam for sleep and anxiety...Any IDEAS PLEASE
I can take a walk at the state fair, grocery store, mall, park with out my back killling me.
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So are you willingly quitting the pills or is it because your dr won't give them to you for awhile? The reason I ask is because it makes a huge difference is fighting the battle. I am sorry your in so much pain..alot of us here can relate. I have horrible hip and lower back pain but the pills just aren't worth it and they quite frankly do not help enough to be addicted to them. Have you tried chiropratic? Also there is a product you can get at any drugstore called osteo bi-flex..I just started taking it at the suggestion of my mother who suffers from severe arthritis in her hips..She said she is truly amazed at how much it is helping her. It's worth a shot.
Do you want off Ambien and Lorazepam? How long have you suffered from severe depression? (sorry for all the questions) I believe that the combo of pain and all the meds definitley contribute to depression. Maybe you should try an anti-depressant? I personally have mixed feelings about them.
i wish I could be more help, but I would talk to a pain dr about non narcotic options..take care
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You have to be careful with the Ambien as you know it knocks you right out. Do you have a husband or B/F that can help with the kids while you go thru some wd's for a couple days ?
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Well i know that is a horrible situation to be in. been there many times.

you have to get the fear under control. it only makes your pain worse and puts you in a panic. you are going to be alright and if you begin to feel sick and other stuff, well you know it is from the withdrawl and it is normal. and this is the way it is, you have to just accept what is coming and use all the advice on here to help you out. you can get through this. so many have too.
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I am a single mother so its very hard. I  do want to quit the pills. I am tired of them controling my life. I just want a normal life with my kids. But there is still the pain in my lower back. I will call my doctor and see what happens? Thanks for all the support. Today is day one so far with no pills and I usually have at atleat 3 by now. I hope I can do this.

Please pray for me.
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Are you going CT because you have to or want to ? As Sad said it makes a big difference. Im sure you know that the next 5 days are going to be very hard I wont tell you they arent going to be hard, Get the things for the Thomas Recipe and take hot baths they are a life saver. Keep yourself busy , Have you decided that even when its time for a refill you are not getting the pills? Some have to CT and when its time they go right back, thats why I ask. You can do this just keep looking forward and dont look back =)
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You can get through this sweetie.  I know it's hard right now.  Please look at my post below and see if your doctor can give you some of that medication to help you?  It's helping me so much.  You can do this!!!!
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I'm on day 2 of CT and not as bad as I expected.

You will be fine in the long run, but it will def be hard in the beginning. Take a lot of B Vitamin, Vit C, herbal/detox tea and one way I found to get through the rough times: Remember times when you enjoyed life, kids, anything without these pills. Tell yourself you can get back to it, even if it means going through some tough times over the next few days. It really helped me!

Some people, from what I've read, like to do outdoor activites to get their mind off their WDs (so maybe a Fair for you would be good). Others, get a bunch of movies and just lay in bed/relax and Veg out watching movies.

Good luck and remember, there are a lot of great people here! Keep posting.
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