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help an addic

what is the best way to get off a 30+ a day T1 addiction? i suffer from major depression,anxiety, low self worth. i always want to make everyone happy.
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Hi there and welcome.There are some greta info on the health pages including the Thomas Recipie.Not quite sure what T1 is,yet going cold turkey is dangerous from most drugs.Please seek help,at least aftercare  (NA?AA etc.)this site is good but you should try to get something more consistant.You CAN dot this!!!We're all here to support you;p.m. me anytime.Here to help.Stay strong!!!
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well you can start with making yourself happy first. doesn't mean your selfish. it is healthy. really, how happy can you make someone else, if you are not even happy. besides, it is everyone's own job to make themselves happy. not yours. if you fail, it is not your fault that they are not happy. and , it is not their fault that you are not happy. you are an infinitely important creation. otherwise you would not be alive or created in the first place.
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Hello Harp,

Like Broknbck sez, it's hard to make others happy if you yourself are not.........

Please correct me if I'm wrong.  I assume you're in Canada and getting Tylenol 1's OTC?  If so, in addition to the caffeine in them, damn you are killing your liver putting that much in your system (Tylenol is metabolised in the liver).  Those are 300mg Tylenol each (500?).  SO, you are putting at least 9000mg in you daily.  Wow.  In addition to liver damage, this can also cause irrepairable gastro bleeding.  You can die from this.

From an addiction standpoint it's not that bad (relatively speaking).  Your daily intake is like taking 7-8 Tylenol #4s.  Get some C, B complex, multivitamins, Advil and Melatonin for sleep, and Gatorade to stay hydrated.  Resign yourself to having Flu like symptoms for a few days and you should be done.


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Time to think about you! Have you spoke to a doctor about your depression. They can tons now days. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


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