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help going cold turkey on syndol

hi i am addicted to syndol and have been going cold turkey for the last 6 days - the worst is over i think but being as i have found this site i am wondering if anybody has any advice as to how i can aide the process using some natural products or something? i would really appreciate it .... also is there anybody out there who has also done this and can give me the benefit of their experience....
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Well all of us on here have detoxed from something and felt the discomfort that goes along with it and many of us have come out the other side okay and so can you. Please check the Health Pages at the top right of this page. There you can find many natural supplement to help speed up the process and to heal your body. Check out the Thomas Recipe which is in there and there are several other articles as well such as the amino acid protocol. I would definitley recommend taking a C vitamin up to 3,000 mgs daily, it really helps to flush your system out. I would also recommend a B12 vitamin, it will help heal your body and give you back some of your own natural energy. If you are suffering with any restless legs, Magnesium works well for me, you can take 1,000 mgs in the evening. As for the amino acid protocol, i havent used it but many here swear by it. If sleep is an issue, you may want to try some Melatonin or Valerian Root. All of these things can be found at your local health foods store or any vitamin store. And last buy not least, you need to treat the addiction. You need to find yourself some meetings or groups and maybe see a substance abuse counselor, if you can its best to do both. Keep yourself busy working a program of recovery so you can give yourself the best chance at preventing a relapse. If you relapse you will have to start all over again and thats no fun. By the way congrats on 6 days! The worst of the physical is pretty much through but make sure to take care of your mind. Best of luck and God Bless. Keep posting!

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thanks a lot for that jacky - it certainly does help to talk to others who have been through it... thanks a lot for the advice - i am scheduled to talk to a drugs counselor next week because as you say the last thing i want to do is to have to EVER go through this again..

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Yes, you dont want that! I have been through it countless times and every time you go through it, it is worse than the last time. A drug counselor is a great choice and my personal favorite because it is one on one and you get to really focus and work on the issues that are yours alone. But dont rule out groups or na/aa either. The more the help the better you chances. This can not be done alone. I attend an addiction recovery group at my church every week, two na groups a week at my local hospital and i see a drug counselor every week. I say the more the merrier. Keep us posted and post anytime you are needing support. We are here for you.

Luv, Jacky
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