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help herion withdrawl

hi everyone.let me start by saying im not a herion addict never even saw it/.i just found out that over a mth ago that my partner has been using both herion and crack.since then he has been clean off herion for 1 mth with the help off a methadone course and clean off crack for 8days can you please help me get him through the withdrawl off crack and the terrible CRAVINGS he gets all replies welcome thanks xx
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Hello, and welcome to the forum, I wanted to say that I myself don't have experience with either heroin or crack, however, I'm happy to hear that your partner is getting clean!  There are plenty of great people on this forum with plenty of experience, and plenty of clean time, I just wanted to get you bumped back up to the top.  Take care, BA...
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thanks for that i relly appricate it im glad that there are ppl on this site who are positive and support whats your trying to do ive been on 1 other wer the only advice given is let him hit "rock bottom" screw that wer there is a willing spirit there is a way.
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