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help! i made honest mistake. am I in trouble?

I'm scared i might be in trouble with the DEA. I live in Houston, Texas.
I take suboxone. I recently found a better doctor who is gonna help me with weaning off this med. I've taken it awhile now. I haven't taken pain pills I  years nor have any desire to. I need subox less and less. I dont drink or use anything else. I recently started working out and i decided i wanted to lose weight but had some trouble doing so. I went to a weight loss clinic and they have me Adipex. I dropped it at a pharmacy. Sent my boyfriend to pick it up. Well apparently he had some sort of disagreement with the pharmacist and they exchanged words. My boyfriend is....well a loud mouth and usually gets his way when he gets loud. This time i am suffering the consequences. When the pharmacist saw i take subox, she wouldn't fill it. I would have understood, cause i truly didn't know it was an issue. She called the DEA and then called the weight loss doctor. The weight loss doc is the one that called me. Told me what the pharmacist said. I am fine with quitting the subox, i might need one more month to do it. And I'm fine with quitting the other. But...could i be in trouble with the DEA? I know i can't go back to the weight loss clinic. But I'm supposed to see the subox doc tomorrow. Should i call the DEA myself,explain? I didn't realize it was a problem....i forgot to put it on my paperwork that i was taking either meds..maybe i should have. I didn't know this was an issue. Can i probably just go to my doc tomorrow and just tell them? I don't want to be turned away....
Advice please
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Adieux is Phentermine. Phentermine is related chemically and pharmacologically to amphetamine and other related stimulant drugs that have been extensively abused. Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

What you're doing when you take is Adipex from a "weight loss clinic" is taking speed in order to lose weight. If you search the web a bit, you'll see a ton of stories from people who got hooked on Adipex and had a miserable time coming off it, as well as a ton of people who lost weight and gained even more back after they went of Adipex.

Honestly, if you want to lose weight long-term, taking speed isn't the way to do it. Control your caloric intake for a month and you'll lose weight. Do some moderate exercise and you'll lose even more. No drugs required. Your goal should be to control your caloric intake and do moderate exercise for the rest of your life. This will almost certainly make you happy and healthy.

As far as your question about the DEA goes, I wouldn't personally do anything. I'd stop trying to get Adipex and continue tapering suboxone with an end-date in mind.
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I was on subs on my sub doc prescribed Adderral as part of my treatment plan. I honestly had no idea what it was at the time but it is amphetamine salts. My pharmacy filled it no problem and I took it. Well, I ended up abusing that and while I lost a lot of weight, it was not in a healthy manner and it went right back on when I stopped. One time I thought I was having a heart attack from the speed!! I would steer clear...
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Interesting read.... I’ve bern in dubs 3 mo. I used to take adderal but once started subs I only take it and an antidepressant. I have been so scatterbrained and tired I wanted to ask if I could go back in my adderal while on suboxone..... not sure what my doc will say to that.
I've been on suboxone & adderall for over 14 years.. Back in 2015 I was on suboxone, adderall & adipex for 2 months.. I'm not sure why they would tell you can't fill the adipex it's not an opioid. QUIT USING BIG CHAIN DRUG STORES! USE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED/OPERATED PHARMACIES!
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I agree with Ben, I never myself had a hard time getting off speed( adderal, by vyvanse, or meth) but being on any of them after a few days really puts you in a bad place, stimulation overload, although I'm a bad abuser, just be careful and good luck
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And subs turned out to be awful for me to come off of and I did NOT abuse those. Took very low dose entire time but my doc kept me on far too long. I finally told her I was done and did long slow taper to virtually nothing and had awful withdrawals for weeks that drove me back to the opiates I was trying to kick.
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Nice to meet you.
I am Lily, 7 years clean of opiates.

my advise to you is to get clean.
Replacement of one drug for another just doesn't compute with me.

We are here for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Seven years ago I got clean with nothing but myself, and this wonderful forum of caring people.

you can do it.

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