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i done been over backware for my mate, he look like he dont want to do what is right i need some advice. he done took everything from the house and sold everything for his habits, need to know what i need to do .
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What kind of habit (what does he use)?
How long has he been using?
Does he want to get clean/sober?
Does he know he has a problem?
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He has been using you and taking advanatge of you friendship. Unfortuantely he has placed more value has habits than on your friendship. This is typical behavior of a person with a substance abuse problem. I too have been taken advantage of by someone I thought I was helping. Instead I was unwittingly enabling their habit. You need to tell your friend like it is and only help him if he truly wants help and is willing to quit his habit. If not it is time to move on until that time arrives. I am sorry that he took adantage of your good and aring nature as you obviously was a good friend to him. Lesson learned the hard way.
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I lost a best friend because of METH He didn't die yet, but I can't be friends with him anymore. We use to do so much stuff together but not anymore he is to worried about him.
I don't mind if someone wants to worry about themselves but not when its a drug taken him over. He almost died once take roxis for a long time and I was crushed by it. I love him like a brother my only brother I ever had, but he would not listen to my call. I still cry about it OUT LOAD because I can't hold it in anymore. I miss him I want my friend back. But he is gone and I think he will be gone forever :( I tried about 2 months ago to get him help and he put a gun to my head and told me , Never tell him what to do... I walked away and never looked back. The pain and the weak blames I put on my self that I could not help someone that was so near and dear to me, still eats right threw my skin to this very day. It only really boils down to the person making the first cry out for help. My best friend is gone and I have to move on.
I hope everything works out for you friend. Because I can relate on how you feel.
Good luck and take care....
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I feel your pain, it is fustrating to say the least when someone we care about gets sucked into their addiction so deep that they don't care what they do to get their doc. My daughter is an opiate addict and has stolen from multiple family members. Including her own daughter, its sad indeed. The only thing you can do is confront your mate about what is going on and decide if its all worth it. Just know that you can't fix their addiction, and unless they get help what has happened will possibly happen again.Good luck to you on what ever you choose to do.
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