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help please

I am having horrible withdrawals from quitting lortab last night.
Can I take a xanax to help me stop freaking out?
I have anxiety and so I am refusing to take it because I read it can depress your respiratory system , but my husband says I should take it to calm down.

please hurry
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i think it should be okay, I took colonopin which is pretty much same thing (benzo) , but i have no medical knowledge on this subject , just speaking from what i did
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I think I may have to take it. I can't keep feeling like this. This is horrible.... I was happier poppin those pills, that's for sure.

thank you, Lee
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a lot of people temporarily use xanax to get through the opiate WD's. You just have to be super careful not to get addicted to them next. They can be even worse to get off of (seizures, death are possible)   but yeah as long as you think you can handle taking xanax very cautiously go ahead, it will help your anxiety greatly. Just dont let it become a permanent crutch
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Thank you, Troubleinohio. I'm getting all emotional from the help from you guys.

I am scared to wake up tomorrow and feel this all again.

lots of love and I'm very grateful,

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how long were you on the hydro and how much were you taking a day?  also, what mg of xanax do you have? was it prescribed or not ? have you taken it before? I dont know your whole story, but hang in there, it will get better!!
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It was three weeks of about 4 (7.5's) a day. The last week I also took adderall with it.

Stupid. I had been clean for three months :(

embarrassing to tell.

But, worth it to find out if it is safe to take the xanax.
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