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help vicodin w/d

hi i posted about a week and a half ago. i am 16 and i am in highschool, i am addicted to vicodin now mentally i know what i want so i keep my hand out the bottle but the anxiety and muscle aches just make me wanna start eating vicodin sanwichs lol.
when does the muscle aches go away please am in dear pain
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Exercise, plenty of fluids, some protein drinks (Boost or Ensure with Protein). It will get better, it just takes time to repair what 1 1/2 years of abuse has done.
And never, ever, do this again.......because withdrawels will get worse.
Hang in there and stay strong. You have a lot of living to do yet, don't make a mess of your life........you may not live to regret it.
Keep posting, we're all here to help.
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Should be gone any day now.  Stretch, excersize, and good nutrition will help with the aches.
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its day 12 i used for 1 and 1/2 years up to like 3 to 6 vicodin 7.5
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