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help with detox

I must get off Norco 10/325, as my Dr. will not prescribe anymore. I've been taking them for 10+ years, I do have pain daily from back injury and have had several spine surgeries. Please any help would b greatly appreciated.
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I'm in same boat...on sixth day free of norco.  I take motrin 800, Excedrin and what helps most is Gabapentin (Neuron tin) 600 MG's, three times a day.  It is hard because I am dealing with pain in back and nerve pain.  Tramadol helps too, it is nonaddictive.  Pain, sweats, nausea, sleeplessness go away and level off after a few days, but is worth it.  I feel my old self coming back!!!  I was on 10/325 norco for nine years, getting double prescriptions (illegal) and taking 8-10 per day for over four years.  You can do it...and you need to.  Good luck
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Oh...I research Gabapentin, and it is widely used for this type of detox and withdrawals.  Check with your Dr.  It has saved me a lot of pain.  Take hot showers and rest a lot.  
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I'm allergic to tramadol, but will check on the neurontin to see if it is a possible help in getting thru this. Thanks, I'm praying for this to b the end of a life of being controlled by this drug. God is my strength and I do believe I'm being lead to this sight is his plan for me to overcome with support of others going thru the same process.
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I feel the same.  I am new here too.  I'm scared too.  But it has controlled my life so that every day I worried...do I have enough?  Can I take another one yet?  I did an illegal thing that I am ashamed and embarrassed of.  Sooooo not like the REAL me.  I WILL NOT LET NORCO CONTROL ME ANY LONGER!  I will search until I find pain reliever, hopefully natural.  We can do it.  God bless and never lose faith through this...please let me know how you are doing OK?  I will check back on this site and we can fight it together.  Get the Gabapentin, you will be amazed how it helps pain too.
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I have to tell you, and I'm sure many other people are going to, is that Tramadol is HiGHLY addictive.
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Oh...then I thank God I don't take it.  I do have some, but it made me feel weird.  However, I have heard it is not as bad as hydrocortisone, and when dealing with severe pain, not as addictive.  When dealing with severe pain, we deal with these evil drugs...and pick and choose.
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Oops...hydrocodone, or opiates.  Much controversy over whether it is "safe" replacement of opiates.  It is now considered "safe addiction". Whatever the heck that means...better to NOT take then.  If you come across info on safe pain reliever for severe pain, please advise.
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I'm having a really bad day.  Ready to just give up.
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Just wanted you to k ow that we share the illegal rx thing, something that is totally not me either, I actually think I wanted to get caught, so that getting the meds wouldn't b easy for me, my Dr. said to see a pain management for the issues I have.
Just wanted you to know, thanks for sharing it is an encouragement to k ow you're not alone in ths ugly addiction.  Please hang in there, will keep you I  my prayers.
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Hang in there guys !! Don't give up!!  You can do it ;)
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Welcome to both of you!  You can do it.....many of us on the forum have and so can you!

Glad it was clarified that Tramadol IS addictive...very much so...and a synthetic opiate with an antidepressant component in it.  Many drs are under the impression it isn't addictive but they couldn't be MORE WRONG.... we have recovering tramadol warriors on this site that will attest to it ruining their lives until they got off of it.

Wishing you both the best~  
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Just remember theirs always a tomorrow stay positive keep busy if u can occupy your mind with anything funny movies help the biggest thing is stay positive and prayers always helps good luck
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Hey hang in there guys. You will find a way. Deb don't give up! Its ok to feel like it but you are on the right track. Find your strength and keep going. God Bess
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just wanted to throw my two cents in and let you know this is doable stay close and keep posting please don't give up.....short story when I was detoxing my little sis came over I was a hot mess she said sis have your little 5min pity party and get yourself together and keep moving forward I'm 5 1/2 months in it's getting better still have my pity partys now and then but it's worth fighting for....you got this....lizzy  
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