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help with withdrawal

Has anyone ever tried using MASSIVE amounts of vitamin C for withdrawal?
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Used MASSIVE amounts of amino acids. Not sure if they helped or not. I was willing to go to any lengths so if you have info that vitamin C helps its worth a try. I took the mindset that amino acids or not I was desperate to be clean.
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I have done some research on this and it seems to be a pretty good treatment for many conditions including opiate wd symptoms. There are other side effects besides the diarrhea, such as kidney stones. That's why I didn't try it. I have a history of them. Just don't do this long term because your body becomes accustomed to the high levels  of Vitamin C and you can get rebound scurvy. And be sure to have Imodium around for the diarrhea so you don't get dehydrated. Good luck to you!
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Here is a study done on the subject you may find helpful.

"Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) effects on withdrawal syndrome of heroin abusers."


Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), administered orally in high doses has been observed to relieve pain and reduce opioid use in cancer patients. In vitro studies have also shown that antioxidants, such as vitamin C, may, at high concentrations, inhibit the endogenous opioid degrading metalloenzyme and increase endorphin levels. In the present study the effects of oral administration of high doses of vitamin C on withdrawal syndrome of heroin abusers were investigated.


Ascorbic acid at doses of 300 mg/kg b.w/day, supplemented with vitamin E (5 mg/kg b.w/day), was orally administered in two groups of heroin addict subjects consisting of in-patients (Group A, 30 males) and one of out-patients(Group B, 10 males), for a minimum of 4 weeks. The group A in-patients were also administered the conventional (diazepam + analgesic) medication. The results on the intensity of withdrawal syndrome (WS), estimated according to DMS-III criteria, were compared to a third group of heroin addict in-patients (group C, 30 males-control group), treated only by conventional medication.


The patients of the vitamin C-treated groups (in-patients and out-patients) experienced mild WS (in 46.6% to 50% of the subjects) in contrast to the control group patients, who experienced mild WS in 6.6% of the cases. The vitamin C-treated subjects expressed major WS ranging from 10% to 16.6%, in contrast to the untreated subjects (control group), who expressed a major WS in 56.6% of the cases.


The results indicate that high doses of ascorbic acid administered orally, may ameliorate the withdrawal syndrome of heroin addicts. Further studies are needed in order to estimate the dose- and time-dependent effects of ascorbic acid treatment, and to clarify its mechanisms of action in the withdrawal syndrome.

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One more. This isn't a study like the last one but the information supports the studies results.

Vitamins for Opiate Withdrawal

Vitamin C

Abusing drugs, including opiates, often depletes the body of vitamin C. Taking extra vitamin C may be beneficial in supporting the immune system and reducing oxidative stress that will be created as the body returns to normal after withdrawal. Vitamin C may also work synergistically with vitamin E to restore cognitive functioning. Vitamin C can be obtained from a number of dietary sources such as citrus fruits and juices along with green vegetables such as peppers.

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That is very interesting!  Although I know lbs not Mgs, that still seems like a massive dose though!

If anyone has really tried this, do tell your results. It would be nice to be able to tell new people other ideas in addition to the Thomas Recipe.

To the OP, withdrawals are going to happen, just a fact. But things listed in the Thomas recipe may help ease them a little bit. I'd say skip the benzo's though. And if your healthy, go for the Vit C!  Good luck to you!
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* Lbs not kgs
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