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hi, im taking alot of codiene painkillers and now is the time to stop!!!! i just wondered if any could give me any advice please, im seeing my doctor tomorrow but do not want to tell her that i just want something to help with the restless legs thats what i cant stand!!!!! so tomorrow will be my last day then i stop :-) or i try at least
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Hi, welcome to the forum :)

this is the best decision, penny... you are asking about something to help with restless legs... i don't think ( not sure ) if you can buy in England Hylands restful legs, but i am sure you can find some OTC remedy similar to it...you can buy a magnesium+calcium suplemment and a potasium one, Both will help you a lot.... also eat potasium rich food like bananas, spinach, apple/orange juice...tonic water can help you too cause it has quinine on it.... lots of hot baths.... drink a lot to keep you hydrated...maybe you may need some immodium.... and Good luck !

and stay here and keep us informed how you are doing :)
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Good for you for wanting to stop.  I really think you should tell your doctor.  We as addicts need their support.  If you run into any issues during your detox then always have your doctor to talk to.  I told my doctor and he is my biggest supporter.  I told him not to give me any rx for narcotics and he understands and does not judge me.  Maybe your doctor can offer more advise on how to come off your DOC easier.  Good luck and we are here for u!
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