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my son just addmited 2 days ago that he tried mariguana, he is willing to go to a doctor , im lost dont know what to do next. please somebody help
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hi, and welcome, i can imagine it was a shock for you ,but dont panick! have you asked how many times hes tried it? how old is he? i have brought up two boys and i know one of them did try maruana(cant spell). its not addictive, although the smoking with tobacco is, i think its education thats the key.most young people experiment with drink or something, its good you know and can talk to him , communication is very important. it doesnt mean hes lost to a life of drugs or anything, talk with a counselor who deals with this sort of thing, the doctor will reasure you too, and educate him on the perils of trying drugs,
god bless   sudie
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Look at it this way - the fact that he's told you is a very positive thing. Between sixteen and about twenty-four I tried marijuana, speed and coke, all on a few occasions... but I'd never tell my parents that! The fact that your son has told you is a sign that you have a good relationship.  The fact that I tried them doesn't mean I'm a waster (and the fact that I smoked weed doesn't mean I was dumb enough to stick needles in my veins either), and it's done me no harm.

If he's literally just tried it, that's really not a huge deal (unless he's eight or something) - most people will try something they shouldn't at some stage when they're growing up. Make sure he's aware of the dangers of long-term use, both physical and psychological; for me, seeing how paranoid and apathetic habitual users can become put me off more than the threat of lung and throat cancer, so I'd explain about that too. Also explain the risks of smoking stuff that's unregulated; people can get all sorts of poisons from pesticides etc through smoking marijuana (don't panic at that though; if he wasn't ill pretty quickly he's got away with it).

Crucially though, you need to make sure you don't punish him for being honest with you - if he gets a bad response from confiding this to you, it'll mean he's less willing to tell you about these things in the future. Besides, if you flip out about this you've got nowhere to go when he does something really stupid!
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the good thing is he told you that is one good thing. but marijuana is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be. i smoked it for 5 years and i quit and im now in the military living life drug free been this way for almost 3 years now. my mother had to catch me in the act because i never told her so that is good he did tell you. put one thing is dont yell at him or make him thing he did something wrong because he just tried it and he will think he cant come talk to you about this stuff anymore. and there are going to be other things he tries ie cigarettes and alcohol and when those come up talk to him dont yell. the doctor is just going to tell you a lot of this and maybe some stuff to scare you. but i think what you need to do is have a sit down and talk to him about drugs and alcohol and cigarettes so he knows from you not from a doctor how you feel and what you would like to see
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The truth about drugs and what they do to your body and mind is always the best way to approach these issues.

If you told your son that by smoking pot he can go insane, kill people, rob people, and anything else to get it and because of how it affects a person, he probably will never trust you about these things again. However, if you let him know that by smoking marijuana, he is in danger of wasting a lot of his life getting stoned because marijuana does cause people to "veg", and let him know that while it won't kill him/drive him crazy, it will give a huge possibility of him losing dreams in life he has, then he most likely will respect your honesty.

Try to get him into things he likes, hobbies, sports, and other such positive things in life that he can enjoy and will do better without marijuana.

I know if my parents were to lie to me about marijuana, I would lose trust in them.

It's not good for him and will cause him to lose out in life. You have a good son.
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hey centreville!  I'm a former fairfax county boy myself (great falls . . . back in the 60's and 70's when it was the sticks)

try not to over-react on this, it's generally counter productive.  i like what tired-of-being-tired said, tell the truth about what the drug is and what it does . . . it's not crack, but it's not bubble gum either.

one thing it clearly IS, is illegal in the commonwealth of virginia.  it also seems to be against your rules. so, you can hold your son accountable for obeying the law and your rules while he lives in your house.

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I think it is a great sign that he came to you with the truth.  Now don't overreact and take
this as a great chance to find out all about it together.  Make sure you can hand him facts as reasons not to smoke- its bad for your lungs, its illegal, it hurts your ability to focus and remember, so really bad for school- etc.  
Go do some searches for reputable sites and learn together.  The fact that he came to you is your chance to show him what a caring, sensible mom you are.  Good luck.
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I agree that the risks shouldn't be exaggerated for exactly the reason you've stated - that Romie needs her son to trust her. But the fact is that long-term use of marijuana IS linked to schizophrenia and paranoia.  It also far more carcinogenic than standard tobacco.
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See, now that is interesting. I had read that it's because of potency and people "mad scientisting" strains that marijuana went from "ehhh" to "AHHHHHHHH".

If you can provide a link/s to this stuff, I think the poster and I know I would be happy :-)
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