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I am going to be completely blunt about this I am a addict I am taking 10 325 hydrocodone 10 or more times a day for the last 3 years. and now it is getting to the where i take 130 Pills within a week. I need help on tampering myself off if not I am going to die or commit suicide because I am so sick of taking these damn pills. sorry but if anybody has any advice on helping me I would be very appreciated. rehab is not an option for me or my family. I will not be put in any kind of system. and be judged by the world.. my question is how to tamper myself off and get away from it and something to help with the depression and the pain of withdrawal!!!
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I'm so sorry- you have come to the right place! I'm struggling with an addiction to 10 mg percocet myself. I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there- there will be some excellent advice coming your way!   I'm a newbie so I feel I should let some more experienced members help you out first. Welcome!
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If you want to taper you may want to talk to your dr about a taper schedule. Also to stick to the taper schedule you may want to find someone you trust to hold or hide the meds. Good luck to you. You can do it.
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I agree with hope4 good. Take it nice and slow, but have it mapped out very intricately. Literally take a notebook or a calendar and write down a game plan for tapering. Like two weeks taking 9 a day...then for two weeks try 8 a day...and so on. Until you are down to half a day. Do it at a pace you can handle and stick to. If you think you need longer than 2 weeks or you could do each taper 1 week, that's fine. It's so important to taper though because using that many for that long, your body will be in complete shock when you stop.
The best advice I could give is start a vitamin regimen NOW. While you're still taking the pills. Vitamin B Stress Complex is a good one and also a multivitamin of minerals. The most helpful are the ones that contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous.
Someone also told me they have a "detox" supplement at GNC (vitamin store) so it wouldn't hurt to go to your local vitamin store and tell them your trying to detox from a certain prescription (you don't have to give them all the details) and you want to know the best vitamins and supplements to help.
Also make sure to get adequate sleep and water intake. It helps immensely.
Many people who have stopped these meds say Immodium AD really helps when withdrawal symptoms kick in.

Good luck, I wish you the best.
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