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helping my hub detox off vic

My hubby started out with tramadol and when that stopped working moved on to vicodin. He has used up to and over 20 pills/day and now wants to quit and get his life back (yeah!) He read somewhere about using methadone to ease w/d- has anyone else done this? We don't have $ to use a detox program around here (very expensive from what I've researched). Any other suggestions to help him out? (Oh-yes I've seen the Thomas recipe.. he's on a SSRI so can only use part of it). He wants to use the methadone for 1-2 wks  (tapering) to get him over the hump of the nasty dt's. He's tried cold turkey and it was miserable. I don't think he can do it tapering (tried that), and he won't go CT because he has to be able to work *some* and he breaks down. HELP?
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Due to the habit we are flat broke right now. Can't afford to get something rx'd. So IYE if he just takes a small amount and does a rapid taper he would still have to detox off of the methadone?
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I HIGHLY advise not using something as strong as methodone to kick vicodin... Its going from a short acting weak med to something a hell of alot stronger... that lasts a really long time.. even with a taper after 2 weeks he would have to then detox from the methodone... It will just replace the vicodin in his pain receptors.. not detox him..
So many people try this and it bites the in the a*s.... they then can't get off the methodone and it starts a whole new vicous cycle with a stronger drug.. one that was intended for heroin abuse not pills..
Please keep trying something else before it comes to this..
What about Suboxone??  Or getting clonidine from your doctor??
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Does he still have vic? If so why dont you just taper him with that?
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Yes even for a short time he will have to deal with the withdrawls at some point. And by using a stronger med to do this he has a greater chance of having worse withdrawls.. generally if you are doing that kind of a taper at home you would want to use something less powerful than what you are taking.. like Darvoset or even some people take Ultram or Tramadol to do this..
Do you think he can taper?? Above you said he already tried that.. Most addicts can't taper.. they "borrow" from the next day or say they will start again the next day..
I understand the financial thing.. I really do.. We have all been there.. If you do some research there is probably state funded programs where you live that provide addiction related counseling and referals..
I am just trying to fore warn you of what could happen it happens to many who are frightened of withdrawls.. they end up trying to fight fire with fire..
Let me know if I can help

Day 55
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How would you afford the methadone??  I am with FLaddict on this one. That plan puts him at risk of getting addicted to something worse. He's alreay an addict....two detoxes back to back??? Uugh, sounds like hell to me....I would taper the vikes....thats what I did. I am vike free 10 days now and heven't felt this good, mentally clear and happy in almost 3 years. I know its ten days...we all had to start somewhere though right??? He can do it. I am a housewife who did it, he can too. I can talk to you if you want...hey, I have been to hell and back it seems, I  want to tell what its like so no one else goes there :(  Sarah
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He's tried tapering with no success at least a dozen times. It always ends with him "needing" to take 1, 2, 10 more to get something done. He's tried the tramadol route as well actually- he ended up chasing the high again (and tramadol has some not so nice s/e for him- like major constipation, sorry if TMI). The methadone is coming from a friend who wants to help, and has done it themself. Part of the problem is he's very, very driven and obsessed (thinking ocd here) to getting things done and in their place. He's detoxed from meth before (before we ever met) and says that was a walk in the park compared to him trying to DT from vic. :-( I'm leery of the course of action myself but he's set and determined- so can someone tell me how to help with this upcoming week and the aftermath? How do I help support him and not enable him to continue using? What sorts of things helped you when you were dt?
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Well... I personally wanted to be left alone... My hubby is kind of "needy" and it got on my nerves with my moods being out of whack.. But others like to be supported and to not be alone..
As for things that help.. Bananas, Immoium pills (generic is fine) Vitamin water, gatorade, cereal, B vitamin complex, something to help sleep, Hylands Restful Legs for the RLS,
As for what you can do to support him, he is gonna be feeling pretty bad.. so he may say things that are out of line or upsetting.. Don't put up with his sh*t...  the addict will be talking.. don't listen to what the addict says.. its probably all lies.. you will have to separate the addict from the man.. Feel bad and sympathy for the man not the addict.. Just to help him get back to being the man he was..
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Welcome to the forum......

The problem with tapering is that addicts 95% of the time are unsuccessful......
Addicts can't taper because addicts take drugs.......
An addict will binge (20 pills a day) addicts take drugs........thats what they do......

Methadone is very addictive and personally I feel it would be the worst mistake he could ever make.......

Detox is very expensive along with drug rehab.........
What many people don't realize is that Mental Health pays for these........
You may have to wait a month or two but they cover the bill........

I would check into that first..........
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