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helping my husband to diminish the suboxone

my husband is taking 12 mg a day of suboxone, correctly as the doctor says, is trying to get down to 8 mg, when he tries, he gets very sick, and he goes back to 12 mg, like he goes down to 4mg without feeling so sick? we have a recovery plan, but how important it is that it can go down
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I was on that garbage and did the weening off per doctors instructions I was in hell for a month and doc had no idea how much longer it would last. I had experience and knowledge of getting off methadone and with twin lil ones to care for i needed to be able to function I switched to methadone after years of them telling me i needed to be on it the rest of my life I discovered I am highly sensitive to grain and it causes dibilitating pain i have cleaned up my diet use herbal medicine and have gone from 148mg to just 12mg today i did it slowly lowering my dose every 2 weeks so body could adjust I will be done mid July. I feel like crap for a few days after going down and I bought red vein bali kratom from a company online called kratom crazy I bought double zero 00 empty capsules on amazon and fill 12 I take that in the afternoon and before bed if needed it really helps the withdrawls.
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I got down to 11 and had to go back to 20 because of anxiety and depression kicking in! I went to detox and they tapered me done in a week from 20 and kicked me to the curb to do the withdrawals. I have no support and no real plan on having to go through them at home and to be laid up so long so I am going back to the methadone tomorrow before they close my case at the clinic. How does that red vein bali kratom help you exactly and do you have any other recommendations? I want off this crap so badly.
Go slow with tapering.  Go to your doctor and get help for the withdrawals.  Many people have found success with AA or NA.  They can give you support during your tapering and after.  I successfully tapered off of methadone and used marijuana to help.  My daughter does kratom and I’ve tried it.  It just upset my stomach and I didn’t feel much.   But she likes it.  If depression and anxiety are becoming too much see your doctor.  There’s no need to suffer.
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Danny did give you some sound advice.  The slower the better for suboxone.
IMO.....either you have to taper correctly to be successful which is slow and steady, or you quit cold turkey and be prepared for him to be majorly sick for at least 30 to 45 days.....your call.
I chose cold turkey from 24 mgs of the subs and it kicked my a**! However, I was able to miss work for that time and I had people that did my housework. Not everyone has the luxury of this. But to correctly taper off my dose would've taken 2 1/2 to 3 yrs.....not happening!
How is your husband feeling......and what mg is he at?
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thank you for answering, it's very important to me, my husband is at 12 mg a day, starting at 16 mg a day
he doesn't want to stay in the suboxone, he says it feels like ****, last January the suboxone left in 2mg, only lasted four months clean and relapsed into heroin, and I go back to suboxone again
I get it, and he's right.  After awhile, the suboxone is just completely numbing and is no longer euphoric, however, don't take it and see what happens!

If your goal is to taper until off the subs, then to ensure the best chance of success you need to do it slowly.  You will almost guarantee relapse if you do it too quickly b/c he will be sick.  Is your husband having to work while trying to taper off this med?  We're not supposed to give tapering advice on here so I'm going to say it like this.  If he's managed through the 4mg drop from 16 to 12, leave him here for awhile.  Perhaps 3/4 weeks.  Let his body and mind acclimate to it and heal a bit.  4mg is too big of a drop at one time, IMO.  I guess it all depends on what outcome you and your husband are looking for?  Off the meds permanently or is there some reason he needs to be off so fast?  And don't get me wrong..........I'm ALL FOR getting off of subs PERMANENTLY!    
he wants permanently, at the same time I feel scared, once he retired from the suboxone, and I relapsed into the heroin was very hard for me
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Has he tried dropping down more slowly?  Like going from 12mg a day to 10mg?  Perhaps cutting 4mg is too big a jump.  
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no, we'll treat it like this, I'd like support on this page, to help it, by your advice, I'll pass the process once with it, after being clean, I'll relapse, but quickly I'm back to treatment, now we're going to decrease again

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