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here comes the withdrawl symptom. How can I make time go fast so I can suffer threw this crap without thinking about it?

what can you do to make withdrawl symptoms pass without thinkng about it?

Headaches (feels like my head is going to explode) - and that would be best case senerio :P

Cold/Hot sweats ( nothing jumping in a fire pit can't cure)

Bad Dreams (Hey I'm dreaming again)

Clammy/sweaty hands (this time its not because of a beautiful girl)

Depression (I am forcing myself to be more social. Friends = Curefor Depression... facebook is good

Okay ppl i'm trying these next 5 days are my punishment for being the **** person I am so I have to take it and then after see what life is going to be like with sober eyes.

P.S  monday 2 pills tuesday 2 pills wednesday 0 pills. this morning I woke up with this headache I ate 1 pill. I made sure its my last one. I got none hiding anyplace because I know if they are around me I will take them. We will see if i'm capable of this. I do however know if I start puking with bad headaches I will not continue I will go out and get more.

Any Tips On how to ease the suffering?  

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yesterday was pretty hard I was having bad muscle spasms like my hands would cramp up my arms legs hips feet they just kept titening up and painfull as hell somtimes. 2 times it felt like my chest was titening. Google said i was dehidrated and needed electrolites so I just started drinking gaderade like crazy. All in all  death would be my blessing. No doubt. But i'm not suppose to say that out loud so lets just pretend I didnt type that. :)

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Do you have a way to keep your mind busy busy??? That always helps surround yourself with friends who will help you deal with this... Dont GIVE in that will not help you move forward with your goal..... I wish you the best but hey at least you are dreaming again and having feelings that you had lost come back to you.. Those are good signs we are here for you...
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Good Morning!!

I am really impressed!!  This is a great start for you.  Warm baths or showers will help the aches and pains right now.  If you like bananas i would eat those as they are full of potassium and will help with the RLS.  Drinking gatorade is good too.  If you get the runs you can take some Immodium.  The headaches suk so try some Ibuprofen.  Are you sneezing yet?  You will sneeze alot during this.  Just know that these symptoms will pass.  Try and move around as much as you can, maybe a short walk.  Stick close to the forum and Facebook!!  You can do this, i just know you can!!         sara
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headace is killin me. feelin so sick to my stomach! I will tryto eat a banna but i dont think i can. no sneezing tho. i cant move i just get really queezy. i tryed playin my sony3 but i just kept feeling sick so I stopped its hard to look at the computer screen so facebook is out of the question for now. i keep having to change my clothes from sweating so damn much.

The dream I had was with 3 ppl in a parking lot sorta I knew the ppl in my dream but I didnt recognize them for real. they were big boxer size guys and I was sparing with one of them (I am just a lil guy 130 lbs) we were laughin and joking around and play fighting and I threw a punch at the guy he fell and hit his head on a truck or something sharp i think there was no blood but he was dead i think...in my dream i was thinking he was just knocked out but I ran to him his head was on my lap I was holding him rocking back an forth and i was screaming help help help help even those 2 friends couldnt hear me saying help i starting thinking in my dream i wasnting saying it loud enough and thats when I woke myself up by yelling help out loud.

last time i remember any dream was too damn long to even remember.

lol wow. this [email protected]!!!!  I'm sick :(

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Hang in there! It will get better I promise. Can u maybe try reading or doing crossword puzzles? Just anything to take your mind off how you feel. I know its hard but taking a short walk really helps. Have you got some recovery care lined up?
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Glad to see you are hanging in there.

This is not punishment of any kind, it is just the drug and what it does to the body once we stop taking it. We all go through the same thing.

You got some great advise here so stick with it. Tell yourself that using is not an option. Every time you go through the physical withdrawal, it gets harder and harder so make this time your last time!

Try to do some light exercise, like walking. Read, if that is your thing, watch old movies, do a jig saw puzzle---anything to keep yourself busy.
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no. I am doin this without no counciling exept whats in my head and whats on these tags. you guys are my recovery care i guess. i can't read eyes hurt. like behind my eyes. bad. i gotta close my eyes while i'm typing no lie.

I will try a hot shower. but my hotwater tank only last like 10mins and Baths are for girls. or gay ppl. no disrespect to the gays seriously none.
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Thank God for you pplz

Amen to the HOT shower!!! I'ma do another one in 2 hours hopefully my hotwaTER tank is hot again :) :) :)

omg that made me feel sooOOO better....I'ma go for a lil walk while I feel like this


pS this is punishement for me because I abused my body for over a decade and a half my body is pisT at me and this is the result. after these are done. my body will thank me. and hopefully my brain follows after.

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you are  losing one of the good things in life and a must for drug addicts like us going through wds :)  put your prejuices aside and take one hot bath. It will make wonders to your muscles.

Keep yourself hydrated, please. This is very important now.
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I am so happy the showers are working!!  Just keep taking them.  You are still drinking Gatorade right?  I know how you feel as i abused my body for a few decades....You can get thru this and yes your mind will feel so much better once you get past this.  I am so thrilled to see you doing this!!!!!!!!!!!         sara
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I can't sleep. my nose keeps running. I only sneezed once but when I did my chest cramped up so bad. I'm cold i keep sweating and my head is POUNDING! so sick to my stomach. I really dont think i can handle this ****. I know what I can do to make all this stop right now....I ate 3 banana's today (I hate bannananas) I dont got no more gaderade but i been drinkin lots of water, my head pounds to a point where I just got to take a shower and then it will feel better for about and hour almost I had like 4 showers today. I have thoughts like if i'm dying anyway then this whold thing is pointless so why bother.

I got 2 buddies keeping my mind off this **** sorta. I don't want to put too much on them to scare them away but they are a huge help. I want to sleep but I can't at all. :( omg this *****. I just want death. I can't do this no more. i dont want to feel this no more.

feelings = pain.

Im sick :( :( :(
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I know you are sick right now but it will all be worth it.  Dont throw in the towel now.  You can do this.  Eating bland things will help.  Try some toast.  Water is good so keep drinking that.  This really does get better, i promise.  Sleep will suk for awhile.  I am glad you have a couple buddies helping you out.  You got us here too.  Just hang in there okay?
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sarah you are an amazing lady this placed is blessed to have you here.

I wont quit quitting.

thanks alot. seriously. thank you!

i'ma go lay down and try to sleep.
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Keep posting and congrats!!! I would say, 1. Get rid of any pills that will tempt you down the road. Cancel any prescriptions and flush the rest. The longer you taper (it sounds like your right now goal is going CT), the longer you will feel these WD effects.

I only was able to stomach bananas, crackers, and apple juice for a few days, and then I started eating more. For your original question, I used Netflix like crazy. I must have watched 15 movies that I had never watched but wanted to. Some were ridiculous, but they did take my mind off of things for a while. Journal if you can. You'll be amazed to see where your journey was down the road. Pray if you believe in God. Listen to sermons on a podcast or a good audiobook.

I would be careful with Facebook for two reasons 1. You may post something you regret. 2. You may get mad/envious/depressed over how people portray their best selves. They might evoke a feeling of "I'm the only one who is in this bad shape" kind of feeling. I did a Facebook fast while I was WDing for a couple of weeks at least.

Protein shakes, Valerian Root, Niacin (not everyone likes Niacin), a multi-vitamin, B-12's, Vita-Water, and most, most, most of all the treadmill. Walk around the block if you can. It will feel like hell to get from one room to the other sometimes, but make yourself get some fresh air, and get your heart pumping. There's so much truth to a strong mind having power over the body.

I'll be praying for you. Again, keep posting. I see some great people giving you great advice. They will be there when you are hurting, and need a good word to keep you going. :) God bless.
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Thank you for the kind words :)

Let me know how you are feeling in the morning.  If you cant sleep get up and watch a movie or play some games on the computer.  I would lay there and get mad as he!! and that made it even worse!!!

I am really proud of you~~~sara
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How are you feeling this morning?  Please let me know~~~sara
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U can do this sending my positive energy
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Melatonin for sleep and any exercise really helps
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i been drifing in and out of sleep like every 2 hours. I ate lots of vitamins. with food not water but i'm drinkin water. I am cOOOooLD but I'm sweating so bAd! my head seems to have disapated but I can feel it there when I move. I can't walk around or even phathom goin for a walk no place. As soon as I woke up I was thinking about going to buy some more pills so I just jumped in the shower ate some of these vitamin one a days things after the shower I got soO drained of energy I fell asleep and I just got up now. I'm scared to move. it hurts alll over. I wont get mad or envious or jelous over nothin unless its myself because I still hate myself and everybody else will always and forever be 10000times better than i can ever be. I feel like ima whinny puss!  
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You can do this!!!!!!! I am on day 9 and I swear I WAS EXACTLY YOU!!! It must have been what hell is like!! I posted like crazy on here and listened to the best of my ability to what every person had to say.. it had to be the only thing that got me through the worst of it! Believe it or not I am STILL Sneezing and nose running..Damn I must have used alot! Anyhootie all this to say OMG does it get better!! I would y it started to turn around a couple of days ago. My energy level ***** but my aches and pains and stomach 120% better than they were!!!!! I did sleep last night for the first time without a sleep aid! Which truthfully I slept the same way I had been sleeping on them so what the hey lets just kick another pill out of my life:) ....You can do this. MOVIES rock they really rock!! Even intervention is a good one gives you some insight on what we will feel like if we just quit and get some damn help! Stay strong! Peace
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Take the sleep whenever you can get it. Again, if you have access to the pills, it might be harder... Keep going, you're doing great! Really! I hated myself for every putting any kind of toxin in it for those initial days too. Literally traced memories back to drinking in high school, and was flat ticked. But, we can't beat ourselves up too bad during this. It doesn't help. Remember, you see the problem and you are taking steps to correct it. That's light year's ahead so many others. You're going to make it!!!
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If you can sleep that is great!!  You arent a whinny puss.  Keep talking to us~~~sara
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I'm about to start my detox and withdrawal journey and I can honestly say that I'm scared to death.  I was doing some research and stumbled on this forum. (I don't believe in coinsidence)  I am/was on alot of stuff for chronic pain for many years and it's time to stop for many reasons.  I was perscribed roxicodone, fentenyl patches, vicodin and soma.  It didn't start this way but this is where it's ending. I've actually tried to get into a detox center and there are no beds available so I've decided to go it alone. Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated.
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my only advice is surround yourself with alot of people that know what you're goin through because by yourself you will kick your own ***.

I fail.


22 pills today :<

I suck i'ma go now and be my loser *** self now.

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