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here we go again

so have you guessed it?? hes gone out the door picked a fight and was outta here along with his other loser crack head friend i honestly did try my best with him and i really thought that he wanted help i dont feel anger only a great SADNESS. i guess some ppl just dont want the help to help themselves.......to everyone else on this board looking for help and trying to get help my heart goes out to you and how hard it is.....one good thing is your giving the ppl who love you most your true self back i wish you all the best and god bless each one off yous xxxx
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Sorry things didn't work out better for you. I know what you mean about the great SADNESS. One thing about that it does fade and life does go on. Take care of yourself.

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thanks dove i relaise now i cant even help change him so im just gonna have to soilder on for the sake off my 2 little boys its to late to go back ive to put them first now
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This could be a good thing in your life. A new start. Sometimes it's best not to look back.

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A new start i suppose thats a way off looking at it.i tried really hard with him went above and beyond the call off duty, and to have it thrown in my face HURTS. there is no point bitching and moaning i cant keep this up its not fair on boyh the boys they are only 2 and 3 im not laying the foundations for them to see this and think its normal sometimes the hardest thing to do is walk away and leave him to walk down the path hes chosen .....
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Hang in there...it's tough...but we can't change anyone, we can only change ourselves...this may turn out to be a positive thing in your life and will  certainly be a better environment for your children. I got divorced some years ago, and I was sad, but what i lost isn't what i thought I had..it was the dream of a good marriage, and I didn't have that anyway, so how could I really lose it ? Does that make sense??
"Dig deep...find the strength"...someone posted those 5 words yesterday..and they really hit home w/ me.
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