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herion withdrawl

Is it physically possible to come off of herion without medication? And how long would one be sick from the withdrawl?
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Yes it is possible...In fact I did it myself once in 1998.. it is not pretty and you will feel like death warmed over... but it is temporary... 5-7 days tops... with the 3 day being the worst..
There are some OTC meds that can help...
Immodium, HYlands restful legs, lots of fluids... gatorade, vitamin water etc.. Motrin for aches, something like Melatonin or Unisom to sleep.. you may need to try a few.. everyone is different. some people like Tylenol PM..as soon as you can try to get out and walk...
You can also search for the "thomas recipe" on this site..
I was clean from heroin for almost 6 years.... It can be done..

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STICK WITH IT, i'm struggling from hydro addiction/quitting, probably a small fraction of your problem.... i'm proud of your attempt to quit. Opiates are so deceitful but the power of life is stronger.

Suboxone or Methadone may be of some help...however they can to be addicting, especially methadone.
Good Luck
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IAs far as I know its possible to do it without meds.  I did it many years ago while in juvenile hall.  They gave me valium but I didn't take it until about day 6 of wds and only then to try to get some little buzz.

Ive know lots of people who have quit ct and been ok.

Do you have any medical conditions that may be an issue such as a bad heart or someting?   Can you talk it over with your doctor to make sure?

Best of all to you and good luck getting/staying clean

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Heroin, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxy's all break down in your body the same way and the detox is about the same.  I am detoxing from opiates right now and was actually considering doing a bag of heroin to stop the withdrawals.  I thought through the decision and realized it would be another bad mistake in judgement on my part.  I am the Queen of bad mistakes.  

There is no easy way to detox cold turkey.  You just have to be strong and remember that time really is on your side and things will get better.  I have to keep reminding myself that after today everything should be uphill and getting better.
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YEs it can be done, but yes it does suck.... You will definately want to use, but you wont want to go get it because you feel so ******.... BUT TAKE IT FROM ME>>>>>>> ANYONE ON HEROIN needs to get off before it ruins your life.
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yeah i used to love snorting heroin and oxycontin all day long..i was really bad..it as ridiculous..two years wasted away...but now i am on methadone 75mgs  a day and thats been the only effective treatment i have found..ive tried home detox methods, suboxone for 8 months, and soo on,but methadone has beenn the only treatment that has worked for me.you can kick dope without anything but you need to have a weak habit and some good detox drugs like, clonidine, lorazepam(or another strong benzo), some ambien, immodium for the diarrhea and some anti nausea medicine otherwised youre screwed completely.youll wish you could just die..
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