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heroin and it's effects on teeth

I have a question, does heroin effect your teeth especially if you are snorting it, I am pretty sure it would be just wanted confirmation.'

In the last few months my ex had to have 11 teeth pulled out of the back of his mouth, I know sounds gross but you cant' really tell because he still has his front teeth, he is claiming many excuses but I would assume it's due to the drugs, could someone verify for me.  he's been using heroin for about 3 years maybe longer, he goes through times when he is clean almost a year then he starts again, then about 5 months and then he starts again.
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Ya,any opiate or drug that causes drymouth will destroy your teeth if your not extreamly diligent about brushing and flossing etc.. Ive lost a few teeth from using oxys and morphine over the last 8 yrs and I was seeing a dentist regularly.
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Yes I confirm what Tracey says Not enough saliva in the mouth to keep washing away bacteria from the teeth, as an ex Heroin user my self and 8 teeth later I can attest to that. Been clean going on 3 decades and have kept the rest. take care
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you have been clean from heroin for 3 decades wow!  that is amazing, would you mind telling me a little bit how you got there etc.  I only ask because I was engaged to a heroin addict and he's been on and off for about 3.5 years....he just relapsed again a few weeks ago and that is why I called off the wedding.

how hard was your journey obviously its doable but could you give me some details..if you don't feel comfortable I understand.
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Absolutely i think yes dry mouth lack of saliva , im of to dentist this friday arghhhhh! I've only had 1 tooth pulled in 7yrs but lots and lots of cavitys fillings.
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i was put on vicodin and percs for over a year because i had severe dental issues .i did not have the money to get them taken care of because it was so $$$ instead of the dentists helping me they just keep giving me these meds...for over a year and now i finally had the work done and now i am here 8 days clean..it was aweful..i was told i had meth mouth and everything i was even tested for drugs by doctors and lost friends because they thought i was doing meth or other and that hurt so bad..i never did any of that..my teeth were rotted and severly infected and broke and infection was spreading to my heart and all..i know that has nothing to do with your ?? but i just wanted to share a little of my story..
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I don't mind talking about it. First I wanted off the sh&t real bad, it had brought me to my knees. It took 3 ct within about an 8 mo period to kick. I also had to leave my family of 8 bro and sis and move about an hour away to put distance between me and my dealer. I have walked away from that addiction but into the arms of another. I wish thinking back I would have attended meetings as I never took into account the power of addiction I thought I beat the Gorilla so I was safe, not true. After care is very important!! I will be back in about 45 min if you would like to know more just ask sharing is what gets us thru this Limbo
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