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heroin use 3weeks

I have been snorting heroin  for 3 weeks missing a day or 2 here and there.I am stopping but how bad will withdrawl be?
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What happened hun?
I don't suspect the withdraws will be too bad.  How long has this last stretch been?
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Oh sweet girl, I'm really sorry to hear this. I wouldn't think it would be too bad after 3 weeks, but I suppose that depends on how much you have been using.
I am praying for you honey and am here to offer you support.  I hope that you dust yourself off and start anew.  You are back home?  Find a support group asap and get back on your clean run.  You have proven that you can do this.  You can.
Hugs and prayers your way.
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I really hope you get into some aftercare, NA, church, counseling, you know the drill. How long where you back home before you used again?
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Hey Pumpkin. Really good to see you posting. I was just thinking of you and wondering how things were going. I'm really sorry to see you here in this spot again. I will try to spare you the lecture, cause you've been here before and you know the drill. I will however say this ( and please know it comes from a place of love.) Something's gotta give girl. It does. You have to find whatever it is that will work for you recovery wise. It's not always going to be what works for me, or the next guy. We are all individuals, and different approaches 'fit' us all differently. You are going to have to be proactive and make an effort to 'try ' different things on of size. I don't give a crap if you do NA/AA, go to church, temple, the mosque, meditate, go to counseling, go to group therapy, volunteer, etc. Just start doing something. If it doesn't help, on to the next one. We've gotta figure out what will work for you so that you can be healthy, happy, and live the life that you deserve.

As always, I am here if you need me. I know you can do this K, just have to work really hard. Sending happy thoughts and healing vibes your way. Take care.
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hey whats up how are you doing?  ive been thinking about you!  get at me anytime ... xo
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