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hey Help here!!!!!!!

does anyone knows what can happen if a pregnant mum takes SUBUTEX... what can be happen to the baby?
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copy and paste the link above, its a newsletter. may answer your questions. Hope this helps!
Good Luck, Sweetie.
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Hey there - there is a website that deals with Moms on Methadone - and there is a moderator there named Sharon.  

I cannot answer your question - but she is VERY knowledgeable about all that stuff.  I do not know about methadone - all I know is hydrocodone.  (which I have been taking this entire pregnancy)

Please feel free to email her and ask her - and she'll even call you back.  She's not trying to get you on methadone - (as I really didn't want to sub out one drug for the next)- but she will tell you like it is.

Good luck and keep posting.
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Here is the website to cut and paste - take a look - and do contact Sharon via email or call her.  

She emails back promptly and calls too!  


Like i said - i know NOTHING about methadone - I just know what I was taking for pain during my pregnancy - and really needed to talk with someone in the know!
Please do let me know how you make out!
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