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hey guys guess what i did

ok guys quick update 16 days no subs.....so i am sitting at work and out of nowhere i find another 2mg pill.....and when i found it i didnt have that omg yes thank you feeeling i was like uhhh wth were you when i really wanted you lol....anyway i called a sponser crushed it and flushed it...there was no need to take it....i dont feel like doing back flips but im fine and i made that decision to not take it....it was soooo liberating....to know i dont need it anymore....the pain isnt worth it...to all of you coming off please hang on you too will reach this point its poison poison poison and it is so liberating to be like helll no im nornal im not taking this **** ya know.....thanks so much for the support just wanted to update you...lots of love

strong woman
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you are one strong woman..lol  it does feel sooo good to flush a drug.  keep going you are going great.
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Good for you and keep it up, me the only place a pill has ever went was down my throat, you are doing great
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I think we should all stand up and give you a standing ovation.  That's amazing.  What's even awesome is you are almost saying it in a "matter of fact" way, but I tell you what....THAT WAS AN AMAZING THING YOU DID!   Strong woman is right!  Good job...you're an inspiration to many.

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How long were you taking them for? IM 27 hrs into a detox off 2 yrs of about 4 oxy 40s pr day ,My back killed me and my Dr fed me the scrips.I had a really bad day to say the least and he gave me subs last yr , i tried this once before an lasted 10 days and couldnt stand the way i felt and jumped right back on the damn things and im so sick of myself being like this after 8 yrs clean and i have really came along ways during that tiem , Bought a house ,boat,etc etc etc and have a great job at the top which i payed some seriuos dues to get here took 9 yrs with this comapny and 20 someting more with others to learn what i know.Please talk to me aobut how you did this sub thing, i only wnat to be on it long  enough to walk thru the worst part of this which i know for me is a lilving hell that takes a couple weeks with the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5 th day being the worst then i have a little sanity where its like i get soem glimpses of how good normal feels again then i go back into detox mode off and on for a week or 2 then i start having some good days here and there but i cant do it strait thre for a few reasons, one i  need to go back to work an a few days and 2 i cant handle the first 5 or six days i will use something as i have money and lots of old playgrounds before i got 8 yrs clean and hurt my back and got oxyied out, I feel so ashamed of myself and disapointed ,when i was younger i got involved in a drug deal and ended up the pen for almost 5 yrs, first and last time., Havent done anything illegal since and i sure dont want theis addiction to oxys put me back in that **** again, that is why i went the sub route i know better, for me..Aint life grand.It was while i was clean and quite frankly i functioned very well on the oxys , but im tired of running out and living like this, and my back doesnt hurt anymore, im realy scared and im really bummed..hard
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I will be clean from sub 1 month on the 9th of april, i was on it 13 months after 4 years of 300mg of oxy a day perc 10s bout 8 a day soma 6 to 8 a day and kolonipin, oh and after a side ways attemp, woke up in rehab got on sub and here i am. I think people try and get clean off subs to fast and self medicate while on them, also MOST addicts have an underlaying problem thats not been addressed like Depression or something the w/ds can be overcome and there not as bad when you taper over a longer time frame. If you try and detox too fast your brain hasnt had time to heal from the cravings for the pain meds I will talk and post to all your questions if i think i can help. outotown aka Aaron
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You are what ive been looking for as far as addictions and useage go, Love to hear the success, Congradulations and thank you for sharing with me. I do have an underlying problem, i love how opiates make me feel or not feel, yes im succesful but it could be gone in a instant and i could lose my home etc and that scares me and i have alot of regrets in the past and the oxys made it ok.The pain in my back was a poor excuse i knew what would happen and im hating life because of it.Alls i know is i want my 8 lus yrs of being clean and normal backm Ic ant believe i went that long and got on those damn oxys..Im on day 2 and ive downed a cuple 1/4s of Sub and its helping but if i do them for more than acouple weeks i just feel like i will have a really hard detox .? Obviously you did something right, How are you feeling? Whats going on with you ?
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Im in a lot of real pain bad herniated disc and im getting nerve pain also, but im clean, i did post about a dream i had, bout getting high but no real cravings, I do pray alot, i have to get ready to go to town so i will be off for awhile but we can hook up and chat ok. Good Luck To You my Friend.
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Thanks, sorry u r in pain, are u in pain at all from detox or is it just from the Disc which no doubt a seriuos issue.Please let me know how you did your detox  and how you felt during all of this,.Thanks Kindly........Enjoy your trip to town..
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