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hey folks
how u all goin.... hope and wish every1 s good.
haven t been on here for a long time .. here i am an alcoholic now
need help desperately
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Hey my friend it's so good to see you. You were just in my thoughts
Last week.
Hun you have been on this  Downward spiral for almost one year.
I am very concerned for you.
Are you still driving a truck?
How often do you get home to your family?
How are things between you and your wife?
Have you been getting any counseling or attending  any substance abuse
I am glad to see you reaching out and Admitting that you are an alcoholic.
Last year you said you weren't an alcoholic but you drank a lot.
So it has definitely progressed.

What are you going to do differently to help yourself out of this rut?
Please, please get yourself some support close to home.
If you need to change jobs please do that for the sake of your life
And your family.
Sending prayers and hope,
Keep the faith,
Hugs, Debbie
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Hi gunn,
I'm so sorry to hear that.  
How long have you been drinking?  I know you have lots of friends here who will give you support.  I just wanted to say hello.
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Hi Gunn!!   You were teetering on disaster the last time you were here.  Have you left the other drugs alone?  Are you still at the same job?  Where is your family in this?  I know you can stop this behavior but it is up to you to do so.   You are still trying to cover up those feelings and the alcohol will take you down fast and furious.  Trust me on this one my friend as i lived on whiskey from sun up to sundown.  That bottle owned me for far too long.  Time to face your demons and deal with them head on.  Are you ready?
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i aint on anyother drug...yea i m still drivin .. as always family s still stickin.. i dont know what demons are .. i m a devil myself

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i just thought i could control it

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Hi Gunn I'm sorry you relapsed with the alcohol.. Like Sara said that stuff will take you down fast Make depression worse and put problems in your head that should not be there. Drink allows us to wallow in self pity.. You can put it down Gunn and start over Felling like cra p in the Morning your stomach messed up your head fuzzy and hurting It really is not worth it ya know And the things we do and say behind booze is wrong We hurt those that love us and who we love the most.. One day One hour at a time you can say No. I pray you do Gunn You really are too nice of a guy to be screwed up behind the booze.. I wish you well and I'm glad you are back.. warm hugs, lesa
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Hey Gunn  long time no see    im sorry to here your relaps with alcohol  but cross addiction is common if you dont treat the addict  aftercare is a critical part of recovery for me N/A has been the magic bullet it is a simple 12 step progam  the meeting are only a hour long  google N/A in your area..........Gnarly
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thank u so much folks.. for responding.
i m gonna get back to u when i clean again... i promise
love always
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Don't feel the need to be clean to return to this group. Keep popping your head up when you are at your deepest. For me, it helps to continually remain in contact regardless of what state i'm in. God Bless You
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Gunn, you stay with us just like you did before.  You arent the devil, the alcohol is.  
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