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hmmmmm......kidney stones

so yeah i thought i was guna die yesterday till this am  come 2 find out i have kidney stones and they are probably 2 big 2 pass and if they dont soon i will need surgury......they shot fentanyl in my IV and fed me Hydrocodine.....and sent me home with some hydrocodine......i know i cant really consider it a relapse considering i desperately need it and im not abusing my script but a lil bit of me is a lil bummed.......thoughts prayers and/or advice will be much appreciated right now.
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It is not a relapse if you are taking them for legitimate pain. As long as you don't abuse them. Take as directed. If you are anything like me I am dyslexic when it comes to the labels. If it says "take one every six hours for pain" I read it as take six every hour for pain". That is addict thinking so be careful. Do you have anyone to hold them for you?
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sorry to hear you are in such pain.  
don't feel bad about having to take them when you have a medical emergency like this.  just take them like you are supposed to and even take less if you can.  did they tell you to stay away from NSAID's (motrin,etc)?  they tend to be harder on the kidneys.  
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Hi dirk, I'm so sorry you are going through this.  I've heard that kidney stones are one of the most painful conditions of all.  I understand how you feel. I broke my leg and required surgery to put in plates and screws to repair the bone. I had to take pain meds as well.  I was able to have someone keep complete control of them for me. I took them only when necessary to relieve the pain, and only as directed. It wasn't easy, but it worked. You can get through this. Make sure to take every precaution you can. Take care, and I hope you feel better soon!
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One thing I forgot to add, and that is that my doctor is completely aware that I abused and became addicted to pain pills.  She was very supportive of my plan, and kept a close eye on my situation.  Take care.
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Awe Dirk I am sorry this is happening!
It is most certainly NOT a relapse.  Kidney stones are incredibly painful and opiates are the ONLY thing for this kind of pain.
As IBK said- get someone to hold them for you.
Hopefully you will get the surgery soon and then you can taper off them as the pain is resolved.
I've had to take pain meds recently and it's not easy but I'm doing it properly with a contract in place with my doc, only getting the exact amount needed at a time, and stepping up my support.
Up your support, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.  You will get through this.
Don't be hard on yourself just keep being honest and take good care.
There is a time and place for opiates and this is DEFINITELY it.
I wish you a speedy resolution-
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Ive had kidney stones at least 8 times, especially while i was using, which i thought was weird??? Because i still felt them through the pills. Water, water, water, lay off the caffeine and calcium based foods i.e., milk, ice cream, until you can find out what the stones are made of. I had one dr tell ask me if i eat alot of spinach, which i do, and he told me to lay off that as well, for awhile. Just q funny note....i had no medical insurance at the time and ended up paying cash when i ended up in the e.r., and i told the dr upfront b/c he wanted to admit me. I was like noooo way!! He wrote me a script for Demoral and told me to go buy a 6pack of beer...stay at home and pee! My husband and i were like, WHAT??? But thats what he told me to do! I find, in me, the stones came on b/c i was not drinking enough water.
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Dirk, i'm almost 10 months clean and I just had surgery. I felt dirty because I have had to take pain meds. I only take like it says. But while in hospital they found I had 2 kidney stones and AFib. They are trying to set me up to blast them into powder. I know that's not going to be fun. But the main thing was, I was afraid I lost my clean time. I've just about quit posting here because of it. Well I'm here to tell you just take them as it says and ask for help if you need it. Good luck with you kidney stones and God bless you.
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ive been thru many painful adventures.....broken ankle, broken collarbone (which I walked around for 2 weeks before a smart enough dr knew I needed it fixed...only 5 percent of collarbone breaks do) falling outta a barn and landing on my head, being stabbed.....2 name a few and nothing compares 2 this stone that has been kicked outta my kidney!!! LIKE WHOA, funny how motrin  is worse for my kidneys but the dr gave me IB800's  which I believe is motrin!!!  I don't have someone 2 give my script 2 at least for a cpl of days but I really only got a cpl days worth n e ways....taking 1 every 4 hrs as directed.....im scared 2 have 2 feel that pain again so im not going 2 abuse them that's FISH SHOW!! ive been working my ash off and sweatin like a mofo and have dehydrated myself a few times this summer im hoping this is the reason .....the dr said he can see 4-5 more still in my kidney but they are considerably smaller than the one stuck at this time but claims they can still gain girth.....I played vball the night b4 so when I woke up the next mourning I thought I had back pain from diving in the sand a time or 2 but by the end of the day I knew it was something else and  by 2 clock in the mourning I thought I might perish from pain, went 2 the dr at 7 in da mourn....I myself don't have insurance at the present time and im afraid of what the bill is guna be, the wanted me 2 stay 2 keep a eye on me but I opted out of that for reasons pertaining 2 the cost of that ordeal.....if the stone isn't out by or around a week doc claims surgery is the only option.....I pray my body will kick the thing out threw urinating. Thx for the kind words and support !!
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Take it easy on yourself okay?  Most of us got started on these pills because of legitimate pain and most of us (at some point) will have to take them again...after all we are all aging and health issues will crop up.

If you have any aftercare set up yet...perhaps talk to your sponsor for additional emotional support.  Right now though...quit worrying about "relapsing"...this is not a relapse.  You need to focus on healing.

My mother had the surgeries 4 times for kidney stones.  I remember her telling me the after-surgery part wasn't bad at all...it was the pain beforehand.  

I shouldn't speak for everyone here...but I think most of us have a lot of faith that you have the strength to do what you must.  Get through your surgery, get healed and then get off the drugs again.  Even though to most of us here those pain pills are evil they DO have a purpose.  Most people heal at least 50% slower if their pain is not managed after surgery.

You will be okay hun....one day at a time.  We'll all be here for you if you need support!
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If you don't mind I would love to add you to our prayer chain tomorrow when I go to church.  I have absolutely believe in the power of prayer and miracles.....my hubby was supposed to have died over 10 years ago and he's still here.  If you would prefer that I don't just let me know!

Believe, have faith and you will be fine!
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Please don't stop posting here Tooter.  You are NOT relapsing...you are not dirty.  You need the pain medication legitimately and you said you are not abusing your scrips.  That IS going to happen...we need posters like you to support others who are going to go through the same kind of thing...so don't u dare disappear or I'll have to sic my attack siamese kitty on you :-D
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Go easy on yourself. You gotta have help with pain. Just be transparent and make sure to take as prescribed. Listen, these pills have a valid purpose. Don't let it mess with ur head. I get it totally. Feel better.
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Hi Dirk :)

Man, I'm sorry to hear that this has happened. I completely understand your feelings about taking opiates after working so hard. Like some of my friends, above, I recently had to take a short course of opiates for surgery. I was very afraid of taking them but it turned out to be okay & as it turned out, necessary. Everyone above has given you great advice. I'd like to add to what Motye51 said about hydration with the following link. (This man, Dr. Mercola is highly respected & has some great info & advice re: kidney stones -- including possible alternatives to surgery):


Best of luck to you, my friend. Let us know how it goes. :)

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i can almost feel your pain in your post.  
yes, a CT scan revealed tons of scar tissue on my kidneys and i was told that it was from taking motrin.  that was the only pain med i took for 2 yrs.  
not all doctors are right though and my use of motrin was over 2 yrs not just getting through kidney stones, so you should be ok.
passing that kidney stone must feel like childbirth.  
hope you are feeling better today
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