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home detox

this is it i'm going to go cold turkey. i'm very scared.If anyone has any tips or ideas please post them. My last pill was lastnight, march 17. I got saome valium and Imodium. I got off of work and my beutiful wife will watch my 2 kids and i'm going to hide in the back bedroom.
Is there anything alse  that can help me?
  I'm just going to lye in bed and try to suck it up. If you can give me any information or tips please do. I'll keep checking this forum. What have other people done to get through this. Wish me luck.
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WOW, you have a much better set up then I had!!!!
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Drink alot of water, gatorade....vitamins..... maybe an Ipod would help....see, I had no clue what withdrawls would be like, I don't know if that was helpful, OR hurtful....I wasn't prepped at all...you have a helpful wife for the kids-so lucky.  My husband was NOT helpful....to me.  Wool socks!!! For sure!!! Mine froze bad
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Hang tough, you might be a big jerk, I know i was. ( let the wife know ) Hope you tapered ( what was your dose). Enjoy it gets better. Day 11 Shot Rock.
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some things that have helped me through w/d's...........
hot bath (especially right before bed), camomile tea, slow deep breathing, prayer, hot cereal like malto meal with honey and ground flaxseed (ground flaxseed has the esential fatty acids your brain needs to fight depression), melatonin which is a natural sleep aide, good brisk walk first thing in the morning (never before bed), protien (againg your brain needs it to fight depression, lots and lots of water, and chocolate. these are just a few. good luck, i will be praying for you tonight. remember, god did not design our bodies to depend on pills, so when we take them it takes our bodies a while to produce the natural endorphins god gave us. take it easy, they will come back eventually. ALSO remember H.A.L.T -- don't get to Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. you can do it. we are leaving town tonight to celebrate our second wedding anniversar. we will be back wednesday night late. i will be checking my messages with anticipation to see how you are doing. you WILL BE IN MY PRAYERS. god is good, depend on him. read JEREMIAH 29:11-13 IN THE BIBLE and remember you are gods child, he loves you so much, call upon him for his help, he will be there with you. also remember, you are so brave, you can do it and don't give up.
god bless you, christina
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Hi! Im 25 days sober now and I have been right where you are, scared ********, but sick and tired of being sick and tired

I took LOTS of hot hot baths.I also had flu meds for the runny nose/watery eyes.Drink alot of water, thats a biggie.Take things 1 moment at a time. I really am sure that I saw the gates of hell the week that I withdrawled, but I kept going.Thats what you have to do.The 5 or 6 days of the physical ilness is so worth the rest of your sober life.Its worth it to me to see the way my kids look at me now.
Look up the thomas recipe, thats what  did.There are also great vitamens that help because we have torn our systems down so much.Also try to get a little excercise everyday.I know that sounds like a joke but sweating helps alot.It actually speeds up the process.Keep posting.Im so happy for you.
O yeah, consider N/A for aftercare.The cravings get bad and its so easy to relaspe, ive done that too....

Feel free to private message me if you need anything at all or if you need someone to talk to.
CONGRADULATIONS on making the first steps to get your life back.Your in my prayers

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oh i get irritated easy. I think i was doing alot, about 120-140mgs a day. Going on hour 15
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Water, water and more water, if your a drinker I recommend Quervo and Orange with splash of Lemon, the big one is if you smoke Bob Marley's favorite, its a savior, I personally think it should be part of the WDS protocal. Otherwise use this web-site these folks are your savior. Good Luck your not alone.
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one thing from my experience don't try alcohole at all it gonna make ur withdrawal process worst.
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Thats not crazy like some of us, how long? and did you taper? I'm day 11 off 20 norco"s a day. Its funny I counted hours for the first 48 then it was days. You may get serious rls tonight ( might want to try the soap under the sheet ) Smile when in doubt. Keep Posting we're in this together.  Shot Rock
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Just thought I should give you a heads up, days 3 and 4 were the worst for me and I think most people here, dont give up even if it feels like this **** will never ever end.It will! Not soon enough, but it will end. You may want to warn your wife that you will most likely be an ***, lol I was for sure.Get some DvDs to watch and music to listen too.Read if it helps pass the time. Keep on keeping on!
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Great decision you have made. 5-7 days sick is a good trade off to get out of the hell.
Day 3 & 4 are usually the worst. Don't overdo the immodium, let the poison out. Drink lots of fluid, I always suggest getting some Boost with protein. It has lots of vitamins, you need the extra protein and it tastes pretty good. Try to get outside everyday for at least a few minutes of fresh air (you won't feel like it, but try). If you can force yourself to get alittle exercise (short slow walk?), you'll feel better faster. Tons of really hot baths will help with RLS and other symptoms. Hylands Leg Cramps with Quinine will help the RLS too. Lack of sleep will be one of the worst and longest lasting symptoms and will cause depression, mood swings etc. So do what you can to sleep. If you can call your doctor (or go to ER) and get a script for Clonodine, that will help big time. Warn your wife that you may become very evil....its the addiction talking, not you and you will return a better man. You will also cry like a baby, that to will pass. Also warn your wife that your sex drive will kick back in with a vengence, LOL.   You may experiance a dopamine dump around day 4-7, and you will feel the world is wonderful and you'll feel like running naked thru a feild of daisys, don't do it (you'll still have the
sh!ts) and it won't last to long, so enjoy it. Stay strong, good luck and keep posting.
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hey gorman i got yur pm and sent you one, so check it.
many prayers
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exercise helps...even if it is just a walk...keep posting...posting helps too
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SO glas to hear you are going to get your life back...I am over 6 months clean of taking 15 10 mgs a day....my first thought after reading your post was what a great wife, so maybe have her come on her and read, because she will not understand...And we want to help her too..
everyone has gave you some really good advice...i also took clonodine, that helped so much, it is persribed, but because our blood pressure goes up so high during detox, it brings it down and helps so much with all those w/d feelings...it helps you to sleep too.
If u can tell the kids u have the flu, and not to go in the room much because you don't want them to catch it..You will get so irratated and you don't want to take it out on them..
depresion hits pretty bad after, i was on lexapro so i think i didn't have it as bad as i would of ....on the 3rd nite i had to sleep in the bathtub, because RLS was my worst symotm and i had it in my arms too, i just put my pillow in a trashbag, and stayed in there....Everyday you will feel better, the fog will lift after that 3rd day, u will start feeling that poison coming out of your body..
Post and read as much as you can...WE ARE ROOTING FOR U!!!
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what can I do about the restless leggs? I can't stand it, f***. And I know the wosrt is yet to come.
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hot baths,with epsom salt...heating pads...electric blanket and walk, the more the better
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I've heard about remedies you can buy over the counter....not sure.  Hold tight.  I've also heard of wrapping them in Ace bandages....

How are you otherwise?  are you drinking alot of fluids?
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water, gatorade, and soda, I"M a soda freak. Oh and chain smoking, big time.
Watching movies, Full metal jacket. Bee movie, and I Am Legand, wich was frickn great by the way
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I just watched I am Legend last night with the wife. It was a good movie. Can't beat full metal jacket either. I was in the marine corps so I love that movie! I too love my soda but try to keep it to a minimum. Too much of it can dehydrate you. As long as you're drinking plenty of water and gatorade a soda here and there wont hurt. Just keep going strong. You'll be able to put all of this in the past before you know it. Best of luck to you!
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Drink alot, wrap legs and try to keep your mind on something you enjoy, movies or whatever....know that it will be hell but don't give in, every hour or min you go is that much closer to the end of w/d. Hang in there, post alot, talk to us that helps alot!!!!!!!
Good Luck, You can do this......and thank god for your wife!!!!
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OMG, it must be a marine thing....you know bout my husband Brian, and he already owns Full Metal Jacket and had to buy it again in HD....good grief
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drink plenty of fluids, execedrin helped and excedrin pms at night helped too.  eat well, small meals every 3-4 hours..

on the 3rd day and this going to suk, try to get out and walk,,,if you could step on a treadmill...better.  I think sweat cleans the body; if you can keep exercising, natural endorphins should start to kick in as well. Be safe and listen to your body...

It's all good even wgen iy's bad...

58 days clean today

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The best thing I found for the muscle aches and pains were Icy Hot patches. They are so great - you just stick them like band aids to your legs, back, wherever. Word of caution - do not apply them immediately before or after a hot bath/shower - you will feel like you're on fire - literally.
Take lots of Ibuprofen - worked better for me than Tylenol but everyone's different.
Like several others said, drink lots of water. I too am a soda freak but the water helps so much more I think b/c it helps flush your system and get rid of all the nasty stuff.
By far the thing I found that worked better than anything else (other than prayer, that is) is posting on this forum. Find a few people you are comfortable with and exchange private messages with them. That was a life saver for me. Everyone here is so great and encouraging.
I'm on day 13 and never would have made it this far without everyone here. Feel free to pm anytime. You can do this. Congrats on taking the first step.
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I never had restless legs but what was that rememdy with the soap?  like putting bars of soap under your feet or something?  LOL
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