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Ive been off oxycodone 15 mg.a day after 18 months, for about 22 hours and need a quick home remedy  and dont have a lot of money
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Hi Gary! Congrats in this choice in your life! Here is what I done. I bought for anti dieareah meds$ 6. And a bottle of HTP-5 for moods help with depression $14. And Tylenol and Tylenol pm bout 10. So for about 30 bucks you be ok! And get lots of water! But get ALL. These before you start because you will not feel like going out once WD hit you! Good luck
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hi welcome to the forum sice your tight onmoney tell us what is bothering you the most and will try to treat your worst symptoms like for restless legs walmart carys highlands restful legs its only like 4 bucks and works wounders if thats got ya as fro most symptoms a simple hot soak in the tub will do the most for you ebsom salt helps it cheep and forces magnesium into your system vitimin b-12 will help with energy again walmart 6 bucks but give us som feedback on whats tormenting you and will try to find a cheep cure...........Gnarly
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