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how do i keep functioning and stop hydro?

I will still have to work and take care of family but I've got to stop 5/7 narco a day. How?
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Hi & Welcome,

there is no way to avoid the withdrawal. If you can take time from work, even a few days, it would be helpful. The first 5 days or so are the hardest physically. Have you considered a taper plan?
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Hello and WELCOME!! It's tough and that's one of the questions we all asked when quitting..
It's no walk in the park but CAN be done.
It's like a nasty case of the flu.. Have you had the flu before? How did you cope then?
As IBK asked.. Can you take a few days off?
How long have you been using?
can you taper? (This option wasn't for me because the more pills I had the more I would take)
IF you can do it, its a great option tho!

Working through WD's and staying active has actually helped some people get through it faster/easier..

When are you planning to quit?

Keep posting and again, WELCOME!
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Good to hear from you!  I am in the middle of a nasty taper myself and it is no fun!  As rosy asked, are you able to taper?  I use fentanyl patches and those I can taper with-- pills not so much.  It takes an unbelievable amount of strength to make it through a taper, you have to be able to say no when you body says YES!
The other option is cold turkey, which is awful but over within a short period.  If you are only taking norco , this can be done.  You will need to plan on at least 5 days of being out of capacity.  Perhaps letting your family know and planning a long weekend out if it?  If you really can't tell your family, you can always claim an extreme case if the flu.
The important thing is to get out now before it gets worse--and no matter what it will.
I sm around if you ever want to talk.
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Hey nonights it all can deff be done its hand and takes.all your willpower im on day 5 off of a 5 yr habit of oxy and roxie i worked through it all (truly was a liveing hell) please dont let that scare u though day 5 for me is a whole heck of alot better the shakes and chills and bathroom.breaks are there but no wheres near as bad i found that workin held keep my mind busy....it was raceing and trien to trick me to relapse but i fought my way through it by the grace of god. And the people on this forum....the recovery process is just startng but its alot better than always planning life around pills and i went cold turkey because like ROSY said the mpre pill i would have id snort em just as quick so taper was not for me......just hope you figure out whats best for youband stick with it because sick and sober is sooosoooosooo much better than sick.and looking for pills....good luck and we are all rooting for you god bless and hope you have a great day
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I've been self medicating since 12 am now 57. Last 18 with hydro. Was up to 7/8 _day. Now am down to 4/5. Was abused  as child. Very hard to overcome but I will be happy and drug free. Have husband not very supportive.
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It's okay. You will do this. If you can get down to 3 a day your detox will be a little better. But it'll happen no matter what. I have been researching thomas recipe and Larry recipe (yahoo search them) to try to help. Taking the natural vitamin aspect and advice from Thomas recipe to g
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Sorry hit post by accident.  

to combine and get through naturally while I have to work. Will be hitting the vitamin aisle on the way to work tomorrow morning to get what I need. Who cares if your husband is not there totally for you. As he sees you do this he will come around some more. He may not believe you will do it. You'll show him and in 1, 3, 6 mos he will be very proud of you. You are doing this for YOU. And that is what matters only. The rest will fall I to place when you are free of it and getting your life back. For support please try AA or NA meeting. Talking to people and getting encouragement will help you stay clean after you make it thru detox.

You have had a lifetime of use. You won't get past it alone without others to help you we and regular meetings will do that for you.  
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There is no easy way to "stop". If there was there would be no addicts. I went thru heroin withdrawls with a 3yr old and a 15 month old at home. And honestly it helped. The more you lay around and do nothing the worse you feel. Get up go for a walk, take a shower (a loofa sponge will become your bff lol) watch a movie with your kids. It does get better. I cant tell you when but I promise you it does. Take it one day at a time. And each day gets a little easier. Keep posting here for support. It helps alot especially for those days when you feel like giving up
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Hi.Great advice from our family here..I just wanted to mentioned one important thing that I must do..I am like you I have been using off & on since I was 14 and now I am 57..Usually I could walk away until the Hydo/Oxys got me in the 90s which went up to getting Methadone prescribes for 12 years..I was snorting it with another drug and taking one at night to come down..16 Months ago I came clean..I do not care of the "Why" on the Past..That does not matter to me because there were many "Whys"..All I know is that I can not do it alone..I have to hit meetings like AA/NA and also hit Church..I am now hitting some bible study's too..I have been dealing with alot of deaths this month and last..First time in all my Years I will not run and hide under a Drug or a Bottle of Booze..I had to UP my Support. SO getting clean is the easy part it is staying clean that will take all the SUPPORT you can get. I wish you the Best and I sure will Pray that your Hub will come around and Support you..My Hub is my Biggest Support beside my DR & all others I mentioned. It will take TIME and with Time takes Patience..Just take it day by day..
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HOW can you quit? Stop taking them, flush them, and cut your sources, then don't look back. Sounds easy, but then you have to face detox and normal life thereafter without having your pills as a source of comfort and peace. I have found spiritual comfort and peace by practicing 12 steps. There are lots of moms here with young kids and work. We feel like we need to do it all and the pills give us what we need to do it all. But what happens when the ride is over, the pills are out, and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? And the kids wonder why mommy has so many highs and lows. And why is mommy sick in bed again?

You can do this one day at a time. Give yourself a chance, friend
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