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how do we deal with the depression that comes with getting off the pills.

for me i struggled with this for 2 years, every time i tried to get off the
pills i would get a week clean but the severe depression would kick in and rock me to the point of not being able to move.
i would just sit and stair out the window. then i would
get more pills because i had work that had to get done.
not untill i found this fourm and started taking the L-tyrosine
and b-6 did i get through the depression.
i also took 5htp to help with it. these supplements help ed
more than i can ever say.
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All of you are such an inspiration, just one question, should you start these before going off of the pills?  So that they might have more time to get into your system?

Thanks so much,

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Things like the B6 wouldn't hurt, and for the most part its usually good to start a regime at least 2 weeks before. But I don't know if anything your taking may have an interact with one of your supplements better check that out carefully. HEART TAE
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start the vit's asap.
the receipe.
unless you are taking meds for depression like paxil
or something like it.
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Thanks so much guys!!

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Have you ever tried St. John's Wort for depression?  If so, did it work, and how much did you take?  Also what is 5htp or ?  Is it another supplement?
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your welcome.
how are you doing, are you new to the fourm, i have been here
since late feb. 02.

i hope you are feeling  ok.
peace  keep posting, let us know hoe it is going.

michael / hippy
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yes i have tried st. jhons wart., i really did not have great result.
5htp is a supplemnet to help inhance your seratonin and kick in
your indorphins, it works well. sold at vitamin stores.
the L-tyrosine and b-6 taken in the morning helped me the most with depression, these are the main ingredent in the thomas's receipe.
peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck and enjoy your weekend.
keep posting and asking questions, we all here wish the best
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your question below . sore throat is not wd's you may have a cold.
try lots of hot baths  around day 3 , 4  ,5 , 6.
lots of bannas for restless leg.
if you do take any thing like xanax or valium for sleep.
this will cause some extra depression. if you are taking it.

are you taking the receipe, it works wonders with depression and energy.
imodium for the runs , the runs will deplete us of all our nutreints and this will cause much more pain then we have to go through.
drink lots of liquids , gatoraid is good for the lost electrolites due to the runs.
by day 5 you shoud beging to come out of the woods , that is when the depression
starts to really hit us.
keep posting

michael from philly
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Thank you for all the advice.  I was taking ativan, but don't want to gwt more depressed, so am going to take valerian root.  I think my sore throat is from being dehydrated for various reasons, so am drinking more water.  How much B-6?  I have a b-complex with 100mg's of B-6.  Do I need more than that?  I have now reached day 3, going into day 4.  My rls is better, but I already feel very depressed and paralyzed.  Hard to be coherent or do tasks that used to be automatic.  I feel like an automaton.
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L-tyrosine 500mg 8 a day week 1 , 4 a day weeks  after.
b-6 100 mg 2 a day
strong multi
vit  A, C ANS E.


gator aid
5htp for stubrun depression
xanax or valuim for sleep week 1.
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lots of hot baths can not be stressed enough
in the 1st 10 days, also good movies to watch
or good books to take our minds off the whole situation.
and lots and lots of bannas for restless leg
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I was wondering too if at all possible take time off, reduce stress that you have to be somewhere, be someone when your ready to go crazy.  How do you all handle the pressures of having to be at work, house work, studies etc.. with the included stress of withdrawls?
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