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how do you do the things u loved to do while using again

what thoughts do you tell yourself and how do you get back into things you used to do while high? i loved to go out and feed my chickens and water my garden and now i feel like a stranger and i feel like i'm crazy and its so foreign feeling..... any advice is, as ALWAYS, much appreciated.... you guys are amazing
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i just kept telling myself that the blah's, the lethargy & the "disinterest" in everyday things would slowly go away as my brain/body fixed itself. your brain is healing itself...a day will come when you look at one of your flowers and think to yourself, "wow, that's the most beautiful flower i've ever seen!", then you'll you'll smile knowing you're on your way! someone on here said that what you're (we're) going through are labor pains that will give birth to the new you (us)...i like that. :)
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Time and practice.  It will all come back to you again, you just need to keep doing as you are and eventually you will begin enjoying yourself again.

Time and practice.  :)
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Think of it the other way. How many things did you love before you started using, got left in the haze of addiction. The day I decided to come up with a plan was when playing with my son was a chore without pills, my sex drive was gone, and I lost my desire to golf (which I love). Day 42 in for me and all of it has come back, due to eventually sleeping better.
Stay with it, you are doing great!
It is your mind trying to convince you that you need the pills, don't listen, lol
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Agree with the above posts it is all about time and patience,I think every situation I had ever been in over the past 5 years was me in a chemical haze.I thought when I was playing with my daughters and going on trips out with them that I was enjoying and fulfilling the time I have with them.I was very wrong because now I can hear the birds sing,the countryside has smells,I can hear the river flowing and most important of all my daughters now see me smile and enjoy life.If anything I appreciate now the beauty of life more than ever.This will come to you little by little and it will be great.Keep it up your doing good.
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ImDONE is exactly correct - now that you're clean you have to experience things all over again and allow the natural joy to seep in. You are making new, undistorted memories. It may take a few times, and you may discover that something you loved to do on meds just isn't that great now. No matter; there are many other things waiting for you. The natural high you get from life is the best thing ever. Have fun exploring!
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Glad to see you back here! Look at it as a new adventure, everyday. Honestly, that was my biggest thing, how will I function, without those things? Funny thing is your lifestyle just changes, for me, I get up really early. now get my day started, just an automatic thing without those thoughts, before I wouldn't get going until 11:00am, b/c I had to have taken a handfull or made 5 phone calls to get them, then it was try to figure which account I could take it out off... Boy that was a real life, the other day out of no where something popped into my head and said "your life wasn't that bad, before",, LORD have mercy!!! Lie! Lie! Lie!  

I'm a huge Titantic fan, and to steal a line from Jack Dawson," Lifes a gift, and I don't intend on wasting it." Don't you either girl!!  Not on pills, they are just lies!  I'm still praying for you, hang in there.
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Good question. Give it some time.

I am not doing everything I love again..... But heres the cool part, I'm doing a ton of stuff I never did before. I go indoor rock climbing now, been zip lining...I go to the water park 3 times a week, and I'm hell bent on learning salsa better...(dance not the dip)  ha...

If some things drift off , let them ...........go explore other cool stuff with a new sober you. I can honestly say my dating has changed 100 % as well.

I feel now like when I was using I limited myself and stopped growing. I also feel a lot of guilt for wasting that part of my life on freakin pills and chasing them.

anyway...You are doing great keep it going,,,,

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