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how long does it take getting off methadone?

I was on methadone for 17  years. Currently, I am on Day 12 of a cold turkey withdrawal from 36 mg/day of methadone.  I still have no energy, a little diarrhea, a little achiness, etc, but, as I knew, it is just dragging on and on. I am extremely irritable, and was cussing like an old , drunk sailor, as they say, the other day. But, I feel like I cant take this anymore!. so, I am gonna pose the good ole question of how long does this last? im at my wits end. Any support will be appreciated, especially as my partner says he's sick of this. yeah, I know, how ya think I feel? anyways, thank you in advanec
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Hi well congrats on 12 days clean.....with that said it is not so much the severty of the withdrawal from this hidious drug that makes it hard to kick but the long recovery time....I was on 150mg for almost 7 years went all the way to 0mg in 8 1/2 months but it wasent till I stoped that I found out just how powerful a drug this is...the withdrawal can last a wile you will start feeling a bit better in 30 days  then 60  it was around 90 days that I turned the corner it was the lack of sleep that almost drove me mad...that and the ''energy crash'' I wish there was a ezer way but you just got to go threw it one day at a time  each day is a victory  and just know there is life after methadone where hear to support you we have several regular members that have kicked this drug and will chime in with support  it can be a little slow on the weekends......also this is the perfect time to start a progam of recovery  with time you will crave again without this substitute for narcotics  cravings are normal it is what you do with them that willl make or break you  I have found solitude in the rooms of N/A it is a simple 12 step progam the meetings are only a hour long and will give you some place to share where the people will understand  this ia critical part of recovery please dont try to do this alone  recovery is a ''we'' thing not a ''I'''thing  we will be here to support you I have helped a lot of people off this drug over the years  I kicked in sept of 09 and life is good now  keep posting for support.........Gnarly
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Oh, do I remember those cussing days when I first come clean off my 12 yr ride on Dones back in 2012. I did c/t  Klons(benzo) and illegal Adderral and got the Dones down to 30 mg with it too.(Jumped at that does & 3 meds) The Anxiety was on the Moon and the Sleep took its time to come around.
Everything you are saying just brought back SO many memories.

The only thing I can really tell you, that I believe with all of my Heart is Time. You are up in age a bit and had been on it for a very long time. Please do not expect it to just clear up in weeks. I know it is a Biiitttch but we have to just hang on. Each day will get better & better. NO going back. It did take me many months to come around physically and a few yrs or so to feel them Brain Cells connect again. Do NOT get scared, it should NOT take you as long as it did me. Mine was also due to fact that I had used off and on recreational or so for over 40 yrs, until them opiates
got me real hooked. Got clean at age 56 and was on the other opiates before the dones got prescribed for pain.
The things about some meds like this is that they change both body and the Chemical Makeup of the Brain. It takes time for those pain receptors to clear up and those other happy chems in the brain to fire back up or balance back. You can read lots about Addiction in a more Scientific way and the Map of the Brain. This is the part that will take some time to balance, but it is not physical so it is not uncomfortable, just really strange as your Emotions come flying back and things seem a bit odd too.(in a good way).
Right now make sure YOU are drinking TONS of fluids and mostly water. Take some good vit/min and eat healthy. I found that the Magnesium, Potsium and D3 helped me calm a bit and sleep a bit, but this was months into it. Pick up that Epsom salt, as the Magnesium helps relax the muscles and it help to draw out the toxins. I used to get under a big heating blanket for the aches and mostly them Bone aches. You can go to the market and look at all the Airborne & Emerge-C products. They have Immune system support ones and Electrolyte ones. These might not be as pure as some natural ones, like I had gotten, but they are good enough. You can add these to your water. You will figure out what vit/min help relax you and help with sleep and the ones that will give you energy..However, all of these things like sleep, energy and so fourth have to find there own balance in there own time. Not all of our Body Health is the same so some bounce back quicker then others do. Just stick around and maybe read other posting. Others will chime in, but it has been a bit on the slower side this weekend. Keep your self re-directed as much as you can, Exercise a bit, get some Sun and listen to Music. These all help stimulate those happy chems in the brain. Keep the bedroom dark and cool for sleep. Try some Lavender in your sheets and make sure all blinking lights are out too. Do Not fight sleep. It will come in soon and so will the energy. I see these 2 being one of the last things to finally come back as far as the physical. Keep checking your post and we will be with you all the way..Are YOU getting any aftercare, like AA/NA, Church, Counseling, even Family & Friends help?? YOU will be off them waves and walking in the sand real soon. The grass is greener on the other side too.
Bless U
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Ha! How funny, Gnarly and I typed the same thing at the same time. SO you got almost the same info here. WE are here for YOU all the way!!!
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hi are you still with us???? please post to let us know who it is going where here to help..............Gnarly
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