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how long does the pain last..

ok so here it goes..I have been addicted to pain killers for almost 3 and a half years mainly oxycodone and vicodin. This is the hardest thing for me to do...getting on here and admitting it to everyone.....and to myself. I am ok and determined to do it for a couple hours and then its like someone pulls the wool over my eyes and I want to continue on my journey of distruction. But I DONT want to I want to be free from this I dont want to wonder where or how I am gonna get them I dont want to continue to damage my body. I want to wake up every morning and that not be the first thing I think of. So here goes my question how long does the leg pain last going through W/D? How long will my energy level be zapped? I feel like even walking a short distance is a struggle. thanks for any advice you can give me.
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I read on here that sneezing was a wd symptom, I am at day 5 and I sneezed for the first 3 days...ALOT! So saying I was sick got me through all the "what's wrong" questions at work and with the family. Great advise to eat lite/right. Water and the hot baths too.
Good luck
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Thanks everyone..and to you Nance77 I think it might be because I sneeze all the time to.  I slept 3 hours and got up at 230am and I am still awake. I know I will get tired around 5am an hour before I have to get up. To Medicine Max Baby steps are better than no steps at all huh? so good luck to you to!!
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At 9PM, I am starting Day 10 off of painkillers....The first 4-5 days were the hardest for me physically...Each day I felt a little better, but still could not really sleep more than 2-3 hrs a nite, until last nite, which was Day 9....
I was taking Lortab 10mg, Percocet 5 & 10 mg, and Oxy 10mg sometimes, every day for 2 yrs...
The symptoms and how long they last are different for everyone I guess..The weirdest thing though, ever since I have stopped taking them, I have been sneezing alot..is that a withdrawl symptom?
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I am on my 3rd day from using pain killers, I just joined this site and you definitely came to the right place and are taking the right first steps. I don't have the answers to your questions because I am like a day or two ahead of where you are, but for me I started a medication called Suboxone to help me deal with the withdrawal. I don't know if it works or not, I'm still really messed up. And, it's a narcotic, so it's not really totally going sober, it's just stopping the massive addcition I had and I'm doing baby steps.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!  How about we do this togehter? Messeage me anytime!!
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Thanks for the words of encourgement...I thought I was dying at work just counting the minutes till I could go home.  My legs hurt so bad I cant even stand it....I was taking between 20-30 oxycodone a day or vicodin whichever. I started taking them for actual pain but now I dont even know if the pain is real or not...is that normal? I cant wait for the day I wake up and think of something other than pills. where could I find the L-Tyrosine? I looked and couldnt find it at the drug store. I use to excersise every day and I felt good...now its tourture...I went fo a walk today just around the block though. I am afraid to use up alll my energy I need to save some for work life and home life...sounds silly I know.  I am dreading bedtime it ***** just took a hot bath hope that helps.  Thanks for listening.
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I thing the BIGGEST relieve was the Morning I WOKE uP and felt I DIDN'T have to take a PILL to FEEL okay...What a sense of RELIEF!

You WILL get there.. it just takes TIME.. and TIME being your BIGGEST thing...

I'm working on being CLEAN for 60 days and I can now WAKE up and FEEL okay...WITHOUT using....Yipee YaHOO!

I LOVE having my FEELINGS back...whether they be.. Good or Bad..

I just LIKE being able to FEEL again!

Try and get a little EXERCISE in.. EVERYDAY..
I KNOW it's tough to muster up the energy.. but it does help...
try and Break a SWEAT... that helps too... Cleanses your body...

Push Fluids.. another Great way to cleanse your body...

Eat lite and Right... Little bites of Good food IS good for you... Too much food makes you feel like a slug... something we don't want to feel like since we already feel like a SLUG (or at least I Did)

Vitamins are helpful...Vitamin B complex... Viamin C.. and L-Tyrosine helped me with my energy and my mood during the first few weeks...

Hang in there and Keep Posting

This SITE is a LIFE SAVER for all of us working on our Recovery process!
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First of all well done on getting this far, admitting the problem to ourselves and taking the first steps are the hardest things to do.

Hard to give a solid answer to how long WD will last but my own experience (10 years of codeine 160mg day or so plus assorted other nonsense) and from others comments here is that usually the worst is over after day 3. Not to say everything is going to suddenly be perfect but whether its day 4, earlier or later you will get up one day and realise things are getting better. I think you will find energy returning after that but you will get good days and bad ones.

If you have not already done so I'd take a look at the link in the bottom right corner to the Thomas receipe and such.
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how long have you been taking them and how many? its different for everyone but the worst of it lasts about 3 to 4 days i am on day 6 and feel good but the energy level still in the can so i started b6 and b12 to help with that so fingers crossed !! but it is so nice to just need a cup of coffee to get  out of bed!! congrats for wanting your life back your at the right place
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