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how long does the worst effects last

I am on day 3 quitting ct from oxycodone 30 mg 12-15 times per day. I feel horrible. I can deal with the sweats , chills but how long does the aggravation the feeling like crap last?
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hi, becca..

congrats for your decision of quitting :)  and as for the wd's..they last for a week at their worst ( big flu like symptons), some symptons like lack of energy, RLS, stomach issues, lack of sleep could linger a little more. But the worst days are the 3/4 days so you would be at the worst by now and should start feeling better in maybe 2 days, hang in !!

are you taking some suplemments, vitamins, bananas, gatorades, tonic water, protein food, hot baths, immodium and all this stuff that make them a little bit more tolerable ? hope so !
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It will subside, after 7 days you should start to feel better. Keep posting here and you will find support, We have all been where you are. Some longers than others. Im 21 days and have never felt better and so will you. Hang in and congrats for taking your life back into your own hands.
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im on day 6 coming off 240mg/oxie/day - today is the 1st day i really felt good enough to post here. seems like staying hydrated is the biggest issue..you know what i mean. nothing stays inside my twisted guts. forcing water seems to be the best route in my mind. replaing what im losing faster. that seems to be the battle. even though i have no appetite i have been making myself eat regularly because i feel better for a little while after I eat it seems? i hate to admit im still pretty sick and very lethargic. i have faith this too shall pass. every day is a little better. i have been using the nite time otc stuff to sleep at night seems to work ok.havent a great nite sleep but every night a little better. if you know anyone who is clean that you trust talking to them may help. thats what i am doing .this board is pretty cool for that too untill you feel well enough to reach out in your community for long tern support. than for posting and hang in there ...it will pass if you just dont use today. stay in today and tomorrow never comes.  one day at a time, one hour at a time , one minute at a time if you have to.  congradulations on making it 3 days!
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